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Dwayne Graves Online ramblings, but still helpful information.

Dwayne Graves Online Ramblings

Here at Dwayne Graves Online, my goal is to provide great business information and solutions to help entrepreneurs and small business owners reach their business goals.  This is true whether you are a just starting a business or looking for ways to improve and grow your business.

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Other helpful areas on this website include the Recommended Reading list and the Business Resources list.  On the recommended reading list, you will find a ton of books that can help you in business and life.  This list includes a list of books that I read my first year in business that helped me out a lot.  I believe they can do the same for you.  The business resources list includes 25+ resources I use in my business that can help you in your business.  Here you will not only find resources, but you may also find solutions for your business for starting and growing your business.

Recommended Reading List

Resources List

And though, there is a structure to how this website is organized, occasionally, there are articles that don’t quite fit into any category.

I call these ramblings.

Please don’t confuse this to mean that there is no value in these articles.  I believe there is usually value, insights, and possibly even golden nuggets hidden in these ramblings.  So definitely dive into them because you just may find something very important that can help or even supercharge your business.

What Books Should I Read Next?

What are you currently reading? What books should you read next? What are you filling your mind with?  I just wrapped up a book yesterday and finished another this morning.  I started a new book yesterday as well. This is not to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of reading. The splendid [...]

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Lending Money To Friends And Family? [Right Or Wrong?]

We've all had the situation where we must decide about loaning or lending money to friends and family. You are talking to a friend (or a family member). You are enjoying the conversation. Little do you know, there is a question that is floating around in the back of their mind. They may be battling [...]

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5 Introvert Personality Traits That Make You Powerful

Are you an introvert?  Maybe you know for a fact that you are or maybe you want to learn more to figure out if you are an introvert.  In most cases, as an introvert, you may feel that you are dominated by extroverts and it seems like the world prefers extroverts. Really, it takes introverts [...]

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