Kartra CRM Review: Unleashing the Power of All-in-One Marketing Platform

There are many platforms that make online marketing easier. But, is there a way to bring all these tools together in one place?

Is Kartra that solution?


This Kartra review will help you answer those questions. We will also discuss Kartra’s pricing plans and how to get a discount on the pricing.

The Kartra platform does everything that you need when it comes to making your landing page something worth talking about. From page design to email features and functions to membership sites, this platform handles things you might not have even thought about.

Naturally, it handles big data to give your business presence a flawless finish online. 

*** Affiliate Disclaimer: I may earn commission (get paid) if you click on the links and purchase a product. My earnings do not impact the price you pay.***

So, it’s about time we review Kartra and share the pricing plans to help you determine if this software is right for you and your business.

Below we will provide a quick summary of Kartra before we dive deeper into the review and pricing plans.

What Does Kartra Replace?


 Kartra is a powerful a platform that allows you to build your online business and automate your growth.

It’s no wonder that when you choose Kartra, many marketing tools and software that you previously needed or used can now be replaced.

This is leaving many software companies shaking in their boots.

But competition is great for customers because we can find great software at very competitive prices.

So what does Kartra replace?

What software can you replace with Kartra?

  1. Website Builders:

Creating a website can be fun and exciting. It can also be very time-consuming and difficult. I enjoy creating websites. And hopefully, you do also. But I also understand it’s not for everybody. Still, you may need a website for your business. So anytime, you can improve the process or make things simple, intuitive, or just plain easier, it’s definitely worth a try. 

  1. Email Marketing Platforms:

Email marketing has been around for a long time. It’s a way for entrepreneurs and business owners to stay engaged with customers or potential customers. Before Kartra, you would need your own email marketing platform. But Kartra has it built in so you may not need separate software. 

  1. Membership Site Software:

Membership sites have been complicated for a while. You would need to create a website. Then use free or paid website plugins to create a membership site. Sometimes it worked well and sometimes it just did not. Now you could build your own membership sites using Kartra.

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems:

Similar to email marketing, a CRM, is necessary to establish and build relationships with customers or potential customers. With a powerful CRM like Kartra, you can create behavior based automations, create tags and lists, conduct split testing, and even use newsletter templates.

  1. Calendar and Scheduling Apps:

Do you have clients that you want to schedule appointments for consultations? Or just to have a meeting? Kartra even has you covered here with its calendars for scheduling.

 Is Kartra Legit?


With all the possible software options to choose from, you may think Kartra is too good to be true.

And because of this, you may wonder if the company is legit.

 Longstanding Business:

 The team behind Kartra is Genesis Digital. They have been in business for over 8 years now. During this time, they have served over 278,000 customers. And this number continues to grow.

 Will you be their next customer?

 Comprehensive Suite of Features:

 The company behind Kartra has put a focus on providing exceptional value with their product. While other companies created software with individual functions, Kartra has been able to deliver a product that does a multitude of functions.

 Positive User Experiences:

 An overwhelming majority of customers are beyond satisfied and overjoyed about using Kartra’s software. You just have to visit their website to see all the glowing real user reviews and testimonials.

 Transparent Pricing and Policies:

 Kartra does not play any games when it comes to pricing. You can visit their website and go over to the Plans and Pricing page where you can see their monthly and annual pricing plans. This way you know exactly how must it costs.

 Continuous Development and Support:

 This is one of the things I’m most excited by. Continuous development and support. Imagine…while you are using a great software, the company is working hard behind to scenes to keep improving it. And then new features roll out that you can use and add to your business.

Quick Summary


  • All-in-one solution for online business
  • Create landing pages
  • Build membership sites
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Setup a help desk
  • Replaces other software
  • Lowers monthly expenses
  • Works with other software using Zapier
  • Single login


Kartra is an all-in-one solution for starting and marketing an online business. It offers many features that previously required multiple software platforms.

You can use it to create landing pages, build membership sites, email marketing, and setup a help desk.

Because it can replace other software, it could lower your monthly expenses. But it also plays well with other software (such as Shopify) using Zapier.

Kartra also makes it so you only have to login once to monitor and operate your business with a single control center.

Pricing: How much does it cost?

In the chart below, you can see a quick summary of the different plans, features, monthly pricing with normal and annual plan options, and how to get started.

Kartra Plans Features Monthly Pricing Monthly Cost With Annual Plan Getting Started
Starter – 2500 leads
– 1 Custom domain
– 15k emails
– 50 GB
$99 $79 Visit website
Silver – 12500 leads
– 3 Custom domains
– Unlimited emails
– Unlimited Bandwidth
$199 $149 Visit website
Gold – 25000 leads
– 5 Custom domains
– Unlimited emails
– Unlimited Bandwidth
$299 $229 Visit website
Platinum – 50000 leads
– 10 Custom domains
– Unlimited emails
– Unlimited Bandwidth
$499 $379 Visit website
Enterprise Unknown Unknown Unknown Visit website and contact support

Alternatives and Comparisons

Beyond just understanding Kartra, you must also be aware of any alternatives.

Because of this, I have included some articles that compare Kartra to other software.

What is there to say about Kartra?

It’s a multi-functional online platform that performs like a work engine and information-driven tool for business. This platform does a lot to digitally boost your business operations with a singular purpose.

It does it all so to speak. You can use it as a standalone solution or you can integrate it into your own blog or website.

To cover all the bases for a business online, solid engineering, development, and design have to be in play. The closer you look into the features and benefits of using this technology the more they make themselves clear.

All together, the features this platform has to offer you can be described as legion (great in number). The numerous capabilities fall into more than a dozen different categories, and each one has its own value.

These protocols handle everything from checkout duties to integration and API (Application Programming Interface). They also include system components to manage information pertaining to leads, campaigns, and email activity.

Kartra even has tools for creating pages, memberships, and videos. If your business needs funneling, calendar tracking, or keeping track of forms, this might be the solution for you. Moreover, you can make better use of everything offered through a provided help desk and affiliate program.

To really get into the finer details of how this platform serves the best interest of your business, you have to take a look at the categories themselves first. It’s good to know where to look when you know what you need. After that, you should be ready to take in a little more the benefits offered by the Kartra’s software and service.

Kartra Review – The Features

First impressions are so important for catching the eye and holding any customer or client’s attention.

That should be simple, right?

But, the reality is that e-commerce grows bigger and faster all the time because it never sleeps.

To help you keep up with the pace, Kartra allows for simple and easy page creation. This may not sound like such a big deal at first, but popular trends can change swiftly.

And, you don’t want to be the business left behind when everyone else’s look “goes green” except yours.

Learn more about pages now.


They say that if you want something done the right way, feel free to do it yourself. And, there’s nothing wrong with that with the right tools in hand.

These tools include superior interface and programming codes to get the job done. As long as you bring the chops, the platform has more than enough blocks of information for you to lay the order down.

The process involved have a singular purpose based on comprehensive exchange and integration.

Learn more about API now.


When it comes to leads, too much is never enough, and if you don’t have enough that’s just not good enough. So, you already have systems in place to gather leads. But, do you have a platform that doubles as an information hub where these leads get organized?

Having a database that remembers in detail the different kind of people you work with makes all the difference in how you treat them individually.

This platform does that for you.

Learn more about Leads now.

Funnels and Campaigns

With all that you for your business, customers and clients, there’s still a chance that you could be doing more to acquire a new base of revenue.

But, that kind of thing doesn’t just happen by accident.

So, take charge when it comes to making sure there’s more than enough to do every morning you open shop.

The funneling protocols on Kartra convert “window shoppers” into genuine opportunities.

They help you serve the massive general public that more than frequently browses for goods and serves online.

Learn more about Campaigns now.


You may or may not remember once upon a time when the major ways to reach new clients and customers was through methods like newspapers ads, radio stations, television commercials, billboards, posters, and so on.

These methods still exist and work fine for small and big business just fine.

However, the advent of technologies like the email allows for more precision and expertise when it comes to sending the right message to key buyers.

There are innovative methods of getting your message seen and heard through this platform.

Learn more about Emails now.


There’s more to the features of Kartra than simply staying in touch with the people you do business with.

To really have a strong connection with them, there has to be a destination in play to reward their time and effort for doing business with you.

Fortunately, the answer is as simple as offering your customers and clients a membership that brings a bit of convenience into their life. It’s also a good way to send crucial content to key members of your business network.

Learn more about Memberships now.


There’s nothing wrong with showing a little razzle dazzle while providing your clients with goods or services.

Without some kind of pop in your marketing, things can get a little stale and lead to a drop in your numbers.

To combat this phenomenon, video marketing often works. It’s a perfect solution in bridging the gap between customer interest and current events.

This draws attention to you in the process.

Learn more about Videos now.


There are situations in life where time is absolutely of the essence. Using the calendar features and functions on this platform easily allows for one to one connections to be scheduled in advance.

Not only can these meetings be scheduled in the blink of an eye, but they are integrated on a dashboard. Functions like dashboards bring people together and share information as needed.

They do so without compromising security in the least. All it takes is a moment of registration from both parties involved.

Learn more about Calendars now.


Sure, you already have the best service and hottest products in town. But, do you have the easiest and most engaging methods to collect data from your customers and clients?

If you only have one or the other, there’s a good chance that you could be serving them better or missing out on growing your revenue base.

So, the simple solution would be to take advantage of your own creativity and draft a lead form that speaks to the kind of customers you need. This platform has protocols and functions to help you do just that.

Learn more about Forms now.


Want to ensure your customers are getting the best service? You can provide outstanding support using the helpdesk feature. But, you don’t have to know it all; you can create the right team of professionals to run the help desk that provides your customers with exact answers.

Overall, the value in this service really boils down to the methods of communication between your customers and the helpdesk (whether that’s you or your team).

On this platform, there are methods such as live chat and a ticketing system. The help desk handles problems with billing as well as technical issues.

Learn more about Helpdesk now.


In the event that you have so much going on with your business that getting customers and clients to flock to your online door poses no challenge, congratulations are in order.

Kartra has affiliate functions and features that help to build your business base on top of all that commercial exchange.

And if things are not going as well as you might have planned, then kick start some affiliates into play.

It just might just be what the doctor ordered.

Either way, you cannot lose, and there’s only more business to be done by using the affiliate features.

The functions on this platform allow you to do things from recruiting to paying out on commissions and more.

Learn more about Affiliates now.

Kartra pricing and levels of value

This platform offers five different price points and levels of service to meet your business needs.

You can go with the Starter, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond package, and they all have something good to offer your business. Also, please note that you can begin with a trial.

For the most part, it’s all about scale when it comes to how these packages help your business operations.

Where one package offers a set amount regarding products and services, another may be unlimited in its capacity.

The differences may have substantial influence on how you do business, so they deserve a closer look to determine their ultimate value for your situation.

So, every package in the Kartra pricing package has about a dozen aspects for you to keep in mind when determining which one fits best into your business model.

Taking a look at the starter package and making comparisons from there is the best way to explain these attributes and how they work for you.

From contacts to membership sites, this platform has your e-commerce needs covered.

Pricing Plans

Here is a quick preview of Kartra’s pricing plans. For more detailed pricing, you can view this article.

You can start with a trial plan. Also, each package is cheaper when you buy an annual plan. Following the pricing plan, you can see what each package offers.

  • Starter Plan is $99 monthly.
  • Silver Plan is $199 monthly.
  • Gold Plan is $299 monthly.
  • Platinum Plan is $499 monthly.
  • Enterprise Plans also available.


In the Starter package, your business is allowed up to 2,500 contacts. Every month, you can send 15,000 emails through the platform. You get to create 100 pages. In this package, you have two help desk portals for lifelines.

You even get one domain custom made for you and two membership sites along with 20 dynamic follow up methods.

All this comes with unlimited page visits and 100 different types of automation options. The bandwidth is 50GB a month. 

Pricing is $99 monthly, costs less with annual purchase. You can begin with a trial offer. Click the button below to learn more.


If you choose to go with the Silver package, the number of contacts and emails handled through the platform increases substantially.

Your contacts jumps to 12,500, and emails per month is unlimited.

From there, the best way to explain the attributes is to mention three custom made domains.

There’s also unlimited bandwidth per month.

Everything else is unlimited.

The number of pages, products to sell, helpdesk portals, dynamic follow up, automations, membership sites, and site visits have no limits. 

Pricing is $199 monthly, costs less with annual purchase. You can begin with a trial offer. Click the button below to learn more.


With the Gold level package, the concept of holding back disappears as the features and function operates without limits.

Of course, there are reasonable limits in the deal such as the number of contacts being 25,000.

The amount of emails handled by the platform is unlimited.

You get 5 custom domains. The bandwidth is unlimited per month.

Everything else mentioned in the previous packages happens with no caps involved.

By the way, these numbers are only a fraction of what the platform can do for your business. So, let’s take a look the remaining upper levels.

Pricing is $299 monthly, costs less with annual purchase. You can begin with a trial offer. Click the button below to learn more.


The Platinum package is easy to count up even though it offers a lot no matter how you do business.

All together, you get 50,000 contacts and unlimited monthly emails with unlimited pages and 10 custom domains.

Slap on unlimited bandwidth a month and don’t worry about the rest; because it’s unlimited. 

Pricing is $499 monthly, costs less with annual purchase. You can begin with a trial offer. Click the button below to learn more.

Kartra Discount (Up to 25% Off)

Do you want to save money when you buy Kartra? This can be done when you choose an annual plan. This gives you a discount of up to 25% off compared to the monthly plans. And you don’t need a coupon code to get this savings.

The up to 25% discount can save you quite a bit depending on the plan you choose.

For instance, if you save $240 annually with the Starter plan and as much as $1440 with the Platinum plan.

If you are really interested in Kartra for building your business, you will use it for more than a year because of all its great features. Getting the annual discount and saving money may be the wisest choice for you.

A Kartra review of the features

A quick review of the features you can expect from this platform should sum everything up nicely.

Cue the drumroll.

And, here are some interesting bullet points for this platform. They follow in no particular order, but each one is amazing.

Here we go!

Check out the Checkout 

If somebody wants to buy from you, why not make the process as painless and easy for both parties involved?

This platform allows you to sell any service or product under the sun. And, there are a few key points you should know about the process.

Keep this in mind:

  • You have payment options like setting up one-time, recurring, or installments
  • Upsell, down sell, and add-on options allow you to engage your customers more thoroughly

Learn to Lead Your Leads

Before you can earn the trust and loyalty of your clients and customers, you have to get to know the people first.

And, a great way to gather the intelligence you need to do this is by learning everything you can about them.

So, pay attention to their moves by tracking the clicks they make while visiting you.

Here are a few ways to gain insight:

  • Watch the time timeline put together for you through the platform
  • Study the behavioral patterns displayed by visitors to design the best campaign

The Next page in Your Business Chapter 

As many business professionals know, it helps to project a certain degree of style while building a good base of clients and customers.

To this end, a well-designed and professional looking page can make all the difference between “meh” or ”wow”.

But, who needs the headache of designing one? 

Don’t forget that:

  • You have hundreds of professionally designed page templates to choose from
  • You can always customize the flow and look of the templates you go with
  • Pages are completely readable and fully functional from mobile devices

More Emails for More Online Sales

Emails are great because they allow businesses to connect with clients and customers without getting in their way.

Moreover, your emails can be doing more than just getting your word out to the general public. They can be designed to change the way potential buyers see you and how you see them. 

Get the most out of the emails you send with these features and functions:

  • Automated sends to the right potential buyers based on their behavior
  • Beautiful templates that you can design with drag-and-drop technology

Take the Pain out of Campaigns

Certainly, you know that your business has something good to offer. So, you need only to inform the general public of the skills and prowess of your expertise.

And, this is where funneling campaigns can save the day for your enterprise over and over again.

It goes beyond pages, emails, and tracking to the point of conversion.  

Let the tech do some the heavy lifting for you:

  • Search through the different kinds of campaign in the platform to find one that works for you
  • Take cues from other platform members and import aspects of their campaigns to yours

Put Priceless Videos into Play

If a picture in your campaign or landing page is worth a thousand words, then how much value can you attach to an awesome video?

There are a number of options you can go with when it comes to the best method for holding the attention of your clients or customers. It all comes down to your choice of voice. 

These are just a few options that can make your videos stand out from the rest: 

  • Watermarking your video is a savvy way of making sure your name get associated with a video
  • Why choose between embedding and making a video pop up; do both if you want
  • Make sure to optimize your video for being played on mobile devices

Take it to the next Level with Memberships 

Building a solid client and customer base is only half the battle when it comes to e-commerce.

Holding on to your customers is the ultimate goal.

Often, this requires offering more than great deals that can be found all over the internet.

Memberships speak to the level of quality of services and products you have for sale.

Here are a few concepts and ideas to mull over:

  • Make your clients and customers feel important with different levels of memberships
  • Offer specialized content to members to get them to stay with your business longer

Let’s put a pin in That 
So, you already have a to do list with literally hundreds of line items on it that are subject to change at any given moment.

Your online marketing solutions have to be able to keep up with the pace of your commercial responsibilities.

Keep everybody in the loop with a calendar which offer systematic protocols that never fail.

Use your platform calendar to perform some of the following tasks:

  • Schedule and update events and appointments in real time to avoid serious confusion
  • Never worry about time-zone conversions based on geographic location
  • Use the platform dashboards to track and manage multiple events easily

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Proper Forms

No matter how good your business performs while providing products and services to the public, if people cannot fill out your online forms, it’s all for nothing.

So, make sure it is simple for potential customers to provide their information.

Follow this tips and ideas for desirable results:

  • Option for autofill capabilities that remember the information visitors give you
  • Go for double opt-in for fields that pertain to more crucial decisions

Give a Shout When in Doubt

Of course, commerce doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and finding solutions for unexpected surprises shouldn’t either.

For that very reason, you have a support desk and training center to call on when things get tricky or hectic.

Sometimes, it just takes experience to solve a problem, but asking for the help needed shouldn’t pose an issue. 

You can always count on assistance through Kartra in these ways and more:

  • Funneled tickets to help agents respond more quickly to FAQs or issues that tend to cycle
  • Collaborate with more than one agent when needed to customize unique solutions on the fly

If you’re already doing it all online, then you know how confusing and time consuming tying technologies together can be.

And, you also know that these mistakes can cost you in the long run.

The best thing for your business is to stay ahead of these issues by adopting the Kartra platform that covers all the bases. No other platform has everything included from campaigns to affiliate functionality to grow your operations the way this one does. You deserve better. Take some advice from this Kartra review and give it a try today!

Kartra Review FAQ

What is Kartra?

It is touted as an all-in-one online business solution. You can use it to build your online business with membership sites, landing and sales pages, email marketing, scheduling calendars, and support functions. With so many features, you can create a business as simple or complex as you imagine.

Can you create a membership or subscription site with Kartra?

You sure can and the features that come with Kartra allow you to build great membership or subscription sites that your customers will enjoy. But that is only the beginning of what this software can do for your business.

What does it cost?

You have the option to buy Kartra on a monthly or annual plan. With the annual plan, you can save up to 25% on the cost. Plans start at $99 monthly or $79 a month when you get an annual plan.

What does it cost monthly?

When you buy Kartra monthly, the plans cost $99, $199, $299, and $499. You can save up to 25% on the cost when you purchase an annual plan.

What does it cost annually?

Buying one of Kartra annual plans could save you up to 25% on the cost. This would lower your monthly cost on the plans to $79, $149, $229, and $379 with an annual plan.

Is it a CRM?

The software does a lot of things. It does include CRM or an automated email marketing system, but it also allows you to create sales funnels, email newsletters, landing pages, membership sites, and much more.

How do you use this software?

First, you need to create a clear idea for what you want to create. Begin with the end in mind. Go through the training tutorials provided by Kartra and create your dream online business.

What does it replace?

It depends on what you are using or planning to use. With all the features, you could use it to create landing pages, membership sites, training courses, sales funnels, email marketing, customer service, and more. It's best to try it and see if it's right for you.

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