Affiliate Marketing Resources & Tools

The affiliate marketing resources and online marketing resources page is a great place that you can look at and revisit as often as you need.  Whether you are starting a small business or looking to grow a small business, these training, tools, software, and resources can be helpful.  There is a wide variety of information and resources and I believe these are the best affiliate marketing resources for most businesses.

These affiliate marketing resources will be helpful throughout your business life-cycle.  Whether you are looking to start a traditional business or an online business, these resources may be just what you’ve been searching for.

The list includes about 25+ free and low-cost resources including online marketing tools and much more to help you start and grow a business.

These resources can be helpful if you currently or desire to:

  • Start or grow your own small business online
  • Make money online and work from home
  • Learn online marketing
  • Learn affiliate marketing
  • Automate your business
  • Outsource parts of your business
  • Get business funding
  • And more

Whenever you feel stuck in your business, I recommend revisiting this affiliate marketing resources page to see if there is an online business training, tool, software, or solution for you.

Free Stuff

Affiliate marketing resources page

In this affiliate marketing resources page, we begin with free stuff.  This is anything that you can access for free.  This can be helpful for a business on a very tight budget.  Regardless of your budget, these are online resources that could help your business.

Free Book: Expert Secrets – Learn how to take your knowledge and create a mass movement of people that will pay for your advice.

Free Web Class – New Secret Funnel Strategy that almost no one knows about.

Free eBook – 101 Never-Before-Revealed Marketing Strategies of Successful Marketers.  Secure your copy now!

Create a Website In 3 Easy Steps – Learn how to create a beautiful website in 3 easy steps without breaking your budget.  Plus…get access to a downloadable version of this resource list.

Gold Video Training Series – Most financial experts say you should own gold in your investment portfolio.  Learn more about owning gold in this video series and how you can start owning gold today at affordable prices.  Start learning now.

Free Email Marketing TrainingLearn the secrets of email marketing so you can improve customer relationships and increase sales.  Start the training now.

Starting a Business

Affiliate marketing resources page

The next resources are perfect to help with starting a business.  These resources cover learning the principles of become a business owner, setting up a business entity, business models, business strategies, investment ideas, legal advice, online bookkeeping, and even outsourcing.

Setup Business Entity – When you are ready to setup a business entity (create a LLC, S-Corp, etc), get a registered agent, or other business services, this company will ensure you are setup correctly.  Start a business now.

Legal Advice 24/7 – When it comes to business, you expect the best but are prepared for the worst.  Make sure your business is protected with legal advice and support when you need it.  They partner with law firms all across the U.S. and Canada so you can have your law team always on call to review contracts, debt collection assistance, and legal consultation.  Get started now.

Bookkeeping – In business, you need to constantly watch your income and expenses.  Easily monitor that and keep track of your bookkeeping.  This is web-based so you don’t have to worry about updating software and you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Outsourcing/Freelancers -Starting a business can be difficult and in many cases, new entrepreneurs end up trying to do everything.  Take some of the burden off of you by hiring freelance professionals so you can focus on growing your business.

Business Funding

Starting a small business resources page

Next, the small business resources page covers funding.  This is an area many businesses face heartache when they are just starting and don’t have the capital they need.  When businesses cannot get the funding they need, the business can stall.

This gives you more options in business.  In business, business funding is always nice to have.  Whether you need it immediately or not, it is always better to have business funding and not need it than to need business funding and not have it.

Business Funding Solutions – Whether you are looking for business funding or real estate investment funding, you are sure to find what you are looking for with these funding solutions.  Get up to $250,000 to start or grow your business.  There are multiple funding options so there is probably a great solution for you.  Get business funding.

Kabbage – Get quick access to working capital with small business funding for the real world.

Fundera – Compare dozens of business loan options for free without affecting your credit score.

Lending Tree – Comparison shop to get the best loans (mortgage, refinance, business, personal, auto, and credit cards).

Affiliate and Online Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing resources page

Next, the resources page covers tools that could improve your online presence and sales.  This covers everything from website hosting, lead capture pages, sales pages, newsletter and email marketing software, link tracking, and keyword software.

Create Membership Websites – Leverage the best membership site software to create amazing membership websites in just a few simple steps. Learn more now!

Website Hosting – When you are ready to create a serious website for business, you want to build your website using WordPress.  And when you choose hosting for your WordPress website, you want a quality hosting provider that focuses on WordPress hosting, speed, and security.  If you are just getting started, now you can start with a quality host.  If you have been disappointed by hosting providers in the past, give this team a try.

My customers demand the best so I want to deliver a speedy and responsive website.  This hosting platform does just that and they ensure my website is always up to date so it is safe and secure with great performance.  Get hosting now.

Email Lead Capture and Sales Pages – When customers visit your website or you just desire a way to stay in touch with your customers and clients, this is the software to choose.  You will save so much time from designing pages to capture your customers attention.

With proven and tested templates of various email capture, sales pages, video pages, and so much more, you are only limited by your creativity with what you can accomplish with this software.  Get the software now.

Email Newsletter Software – This is the workhorse in the background of your business.  Use lead capture and sales pages to capture email addresses but you need this software to host the email addresses and handle your customer relationship management with automated newsletters, emails, and more.  Start a free trial now.

Lightweight Automated Marketing Software – If you like more control over your email marketing campaigns and the ability to change the flow based on customer actions, this could be just what you are searching for.  Get started now.

Link Tracking Software – Create links so that you can see what is working and what is not.  Get data on your marketing efforts so you can focus your time, money, and effort on the right things in your business to drive revenue.  Access the software now.

All In One Marketing Solution with Artificial Intelligence – Don’t miss out on this!  This software is being touted as the biggest breakthrough in the history of internet marketing.

Keyword Research – Use this tool to do in-depth keyword research to find the longtail keywords as the name implies to help your website and content be found by search engines.  Get started now.

Affiliate and Online Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing resources page

Last, in the resources page, is affiliate and online marketing training.  I learned that it takes 3 things to be successful: attitude, aptitude, and opportunity.  Review these training courses. You should find one or more that can help start or propel your business.

ClickBank University – Affiliate training course includes 2 tracks to learn how to create your own products or how to market other people’s products to make commission on sales.

An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business School Professor

Fire Starter Sessions Video Workshop: Strengthen your voice. Prioritize what’s sacred. Define success — on your own terms.

Social Media Marketing 2017 – Learn PPC on 10+ Platforms

The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017 – 12 Courses in 1

Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2017_Stop SEO & Win With PPC!

I hope you enjoy and found great value in this online marketing resources page.  We just covered about 25+ free and low-cost resources.

Come back and review this affiliate marketing resources page early and often to start or grow your business!