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203, 2015

Conquering the challenges we face…

By |March 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

You are ready to start a business.  You have the greatest idea ever!  You need to make it come to life before someone else does.  You’re so excited.  Then you realize you don’t know where to begin.

This is just one of the challenges we face when we decide to start a business.

For many people, the […]

103, 2015

Introducing Dwayne Graves, Certified Mentor!

By |March 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Introducing Dwayne Graves, Certified Mentor!

I like the sound of that…I think it has a nice ring to it.  Today, I became a Certified Mentor!  In the picture above, I had the opportunity to learn from Don Boyer and Melinda Boyer at the Millionaire Speakers Bootcamp where I was presented with the Certified Mentor certificate.

If you […]

2802, 2015

Why pay $9.99 for a turkey wrap and cookie?

By |February 28th, 2015|0 Comments

I’m sitting here watching a movie.  I cannot help but think…

Why pay $9.99 for a turkey wrap and cookie?

That seems like a bit more than most people would pay for the same items.  Well, let me give you some more background information.

Four hours ago, I was throwing my stuff in the car and rushing against […]

2702, 2015

I decided to walk…and something new coming up

By |February 27th, 2015|0 Comments

So, I can admit I’m not in the best physical shape of my life right now.  I just haven’t focused enough on exercise and watching what I am eating, probably for the last 2 years.  I have still exercised, just not consistently.  I have jogged a few times, even bought new running shoes.

I have pretty […]

2602, 2015

Make every day your most productive day

By |February 26th, 2015|0 Comments

Who are you competing against?

This is a question I once had to ask myself.  I would compete against almost anyone whether they knew it or not.

Am I that competitive?

Not sure.  I may be.  I can be at times.  I say “can be” instead of “once was” because that competitive edge still exists inside of me.  […]

2502, 2015

Honolulu views, like-minded people, and some tips for you

By |February 25th, 2015|0 Comments

What a wonderful Honolulu veiw!

This was the last stop of my night yesterday.  Like I said in my previous post, I had a lot of commitments yesterday but I was determined to make them…and I did (minus the late arrival in the morning).  Being late is a poor attribute to have.  You don’t want people […]

2402, 2015

Still No Excuses for 2015!

By |February 24th, 2015|0 Comments

At the beginning of this year, I said 2015 will be about No Excuses…and I still stand by that.  This is the way I have approached each day.  Each day, I aim to be as positive as I can be.  And I look at what I need to do to propel my business forward.  Everyday, […]

2302, 2015

Tesla P85D Insane mode, walk-through, and how you can get one for free!

By |February 23rd, 2015|0 Comments

What do you think about Tesla?  I really did not know much about the car at first.  I still don’t know a whole lot but I am impressed by what I do know.  Today, I’m sharing the videos of the Tesla P85D Insane mode and a walk-through.  After the videos, I will tell you how […]

2202, 2015

A common myth about success

By |February 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

How do you think success happens?  With this website, I provide you with tips about success and information about my journey.  Today, I would like to address a common myth about success.

Many people think that achieving success is simple and easy.

Why do they think that?

Because in most cases, they only see the end result…

When we […]

2102, 2015

The benefits of owning gold that you need to know right now!

By |February 21st, 2015|0 Comments

If you are interested in or already saving and investing, I would like to share with you some benefits of owning gold.  This is an investment many people overlook.  They may have a savings account and invest in a 401K, IRA, and stocks.  The currency you save and invest in is also very important.  Below […]