Top 5 Blank Metal Business Cards Review

Metal business cards create a unique impression when exchanging contact info. For a memorable design, you need the best blank metal business card to start with.

It’s hard to find the right one from hundreds of blank metal cards out there. Don’t you worry, my friend! I’ve got you covered from my experience with over 30 different options. 

I’ve explored the top options myself, and here to share my favorite 5. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the top contenders – their features, craftsmanship, and ways to make them your own. 

So, let’s get into the world of business cards that stand out!

Advantages of Metal Business Cards Over Traditional Cards

Metal business cards bring many advantages compared to regular paper cards, making them a distinct and useful option for networking and branding. Here are some key benefits:


Metal cards last longer than paper ones. They don’t easily get damaged by water, wear, or bending, so your contact info stays clear and neat.

Easy to Remember: 

Metal cards feel heavy and different, leaving a strong touch memory. People remember them better, making it more likely they’ll follow up with you.

Stand Out: 

Metal cards shine among paper cards. Their special look grabs attention right away.

Conversation Starters: 

Metal cards are interesting and start conversations. People like unique things, so giving out a metal card can lead to talks about your business.

Modern and Creative: 

Using metal cards shows you’re modern and like new ideas. This reflects your open-mindedness in business.

Design Choices: 

Metal cards can have fancy designs, etching, and engravings that are tough with paper. You can make a card that’s really “you.”

Seems Special: 

Metal cards feel heavy and look fancy. This special feeling can affect how people see your business or what you offer.

Adding Elegance to the Corporate Experience with Metal Business Cards


The Memorable First Impression:

In the busy business world, starting off strong is important. Metal business cards catch your attention right away because they look and feel different. From my experience, their weight and texture stick in your memory, making it easier to connect with others.

A Mark of Uniqueness:

Being noticed in business is a big deal. Metal business cards help with that. When you hand someone a metal card, you’re not just giving them your info – you’re showing them a special piece of art that proves you care about doing things well. 

Symbol of Sophistication:

I’ve seen that metal cards often start interesting talks. People get curious because they’re so different, and that leads to deeper conversations about your brand and what you believe in. The curiosity leads to meaningful chats that go beyond usual small talks.

Look Fancy:

Having a strong brand image matters. Metal business cards add a touch of fancy that goes well with being professional. They’re stylish and show that you value quality, which makes your brand look even better.

As I look back on my time in business, metal business cards have really improved the way I connect with people. They’re more than just tools; they’re symbols of hard work and creativity. 

In-Depth Review of the Top 5 Blank Metal Business Cards

Now, let’s explore the crème de la crème of blank metal business cards. I’ve handpicked these options based on the material quality, ease of customization, design options, and overall value.

100 Pcs Metal Business Card Blanks – Printable Business Cards Sublimation Blanks Name Cards White Business Cards Customize for Promotion Gift Card – Desk Business Card Number Tag Metal Cards
  • Premium Quality White Card: Our Metal Sublimation Blanks are made of sublimation coated thin aluminum alloy material, which is not easy to bend and has a nice plastic-like texture. These personalized business cards are durable, with smooth edges, and have no scratches on both sides.
  • Elegant Design Printable Business Cards: These custom business cards for small business are designed and you can adds crisp text and vibrant images to both sides of your business cards customizable. Sublimation can be used: well at 400°F (200°C) for 60 seconds per side. These blank credit cards are optimized for laser printers for smudge-free performance.
  • Number and Size of Blank Card Name Tags: The package comes with 100 pieces of sublimation business card blanks with the thickness is 0.0095 inches, and width is 2.1 inches, height 3.4 inches, similar in size to the bank card, easy to put in your pocket or wallet.
  • Blank Index Cards Enhance Your Personality: This printable cardstock lets you design and prints your own business cards personalized. With the white color these blank cards are suitable for business promotion or personal usage for daily usage.
  • Wide Application of Small Blank Cards: These blank metal business cards are great for high-end business cards, reward cards, membership cards, logos, promotion gift cards, metal plaque, desk tags, label tags, name cards, gift cards or simply to engrave on.

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Oskal is one of the top-notch blank metal business cards with a higher budget value. It comes with a low-cost package of 100 sheets, which is just awesome. 

Furthermore, the quality of the blanks are worth your investment. You can customize it for Promotion Gift Cards, or print your business information flawlessly. 

Key Tech Specifications:





Aluminum Alloy, Metal




Business Card


3.4 x 2.1 inches

Sheet Count



0.24 mm



Printer Compatibility

Laser Printers


Logos, Gift Cards, Promotions, etc.


Professional and Personal Use

Enhance Professionalism: 

The Oskal Metal Business Card Blanks are made from a sleek aluminum alloy that’s 0.24mm thick. These cards give your professional image a high-quality touch. Your business information stands out, making a strong impact.

Vivid on Both Sides: 

You can print clear text and bright images on both sides of these metal blanks. This gives you lots of space to show off your brand or personal style, so people see your message from any angle.

Perfect for Laser Printers: 

Oskal business card blanks are made to work great with laser printers. That means your printing comes out clean and top-notch. Every detail in your design, logo, or info stays clear and easy to read, giving you a polished and professional look.

Elegant Pearl Finish: 

These metal business card blanks come in a pearly white color that looks fancy and sophisticated. Adding this touch of luxury to your brand’s look leaves a strong impression on your clients and contacts.

What We Like:

  • Stylish Impression
  • Durable Aluminum Build
  • Laser-Print Precision
  • Double-Sided Elegance
  • Multi-Application Versatility

What We Don’t Like:

  • Susceptible to Bending

2. Best For Durability: Ebamaz Blank Metal Business Cards

Ebamaz Metal Business Cards Anodized Aluminum Plaque Plate 86X54X0.8mm (Black, Blank,10PCS)
  • 1. Anodized Aluminum material, thick&firm, not easy to bend. The edge also anodized with color. Laser engraved logo will not be removed and easy to clean. both indoor or outdoor using is no problem
  • 2. 3.4X2.1X0.031 inch. Similar size as the credit card. Each card is inside individual plastic sleeve to keep them fingerprint-free until time to engrave
  • 3. High class design, blank /round corner/edge not rough. Suitable as VIP card or gift metal card for company or organization to make it more outstanding and unique
  • 4. Make sure your engraver can engrave metal, ours is fiber laser machine 15W for your reference. Low watt like 5W or less might not come out a good effect
  • 4. Please Notice: CO2 engraver mainly engraves wood ,Acrylic , plastic, glass…material, but engraved effect is not very well on metal,so we NOT recommend

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Boost your business image using the lasting strength and elegance of Ebamaz Blank Metal Business Cards. These cards, made from top-quality anodized aluminum, completely change how people remember you. 

Let’s find out what sets these cards apart and why they’re the best pick for showing your professionalism!

Key Tech Specifications:




Anodized Aluminum

Color Options

Black, Blue, Golden, Silver, Green, Red


86X54X0.8mm (3.4 X 2.1 X 0.031 inch)


10 cards per set


0.8mm (0.031 inch)

Engraving Compatibility

Excellent for laser engraving


4.2 ounces




Professional business cards


Virtually unbendable

Unbendable Quality: 

Hand out business cards that match the strength of your brand. These virtually indestructible cards exude confidence and reliability, ensuring they make an impact that lasts.

Premium Metallic Finish: 

Leave a lasting impression with cards that boast a premium metallic finish. The consistent and impressive appearance of these cards sets the stage for memorable interactions.

Crisp Engraving Results: 

Imprint your information with laser precision. The cards’ perfect thickness guarantees your details are engraved crisply, making them stand out with sophistication.

Sturdy Engraving Material: 

Crafted from high-quality anodized aluminum, these cards aren’t just strong; they’re built to last. Your engravings stay clear and sharp, maintaining their quality over time.

What We Like:

  • Impressively Durable
  • Engraves with Precision
  • Professional Metallic Appearance
  • Long-Lasting Quality
  • Impactful Business Representation

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slightly Pricey
  • Limited Color Variety

3. Best For Thinness: ZOENHOU Blank Metal Business Card

Most people prefer the thinnest and durable blank metal business cards, due to their elegance and longevity. If you have a similar choice, check out the ZOENHOU Blank Metal Business Cards. 

They’re pretty thin, almost 0.008 inches in depth, which is just insane. Besides, the build material is aluminum alloy, which doesn’t bend easily.

Key Tech Specifications:




Aluminum Alloy






3.4 x 2.1 inches

Sheet Count

150 sheets

Laser Compatibility

Diode Laser, CO2 Laser

Engraving Depth

Precision Engraving Results


Shiny Black Aluminum Finish


12.3 ounces

Package Dimensions

3.66 x 2.4 x 1.54 inches

Thinnest Metal Card: 

Elevate your networking game with this 0.21mm ultra-thin metal card. A feather-light design that captivates attention while exuding sophistication.

Laser-Focused Precision: 

Your designs come to life with laser precision on these blank metal cards. A crisp finish that impresses clients, making your brand stand out.

Versatile Engraving Material: 

These cards are built for both diode laser and CO2 laser engraving, offering versatility for your creative projects. Embrace endless customization possibilities.

Durable Elegance:

Crafted with a durable black aluminum finish, these cards boast resilience while exuding elegance. A statement piece that leaves a lasting impression.

What We Like:

  • Customizable
  • Durable
  • Impress Clients
  • Elegant Appearance
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like:

  • Packaging Vulnerability
100 Pcs Metal Business Cards Blank Laser Engraved DIY Gift Name Cards 86x54x0.21mm (Black)
  • Package:You will get 100 pcs black anodized aluminum business card can be laser engraved
  • Size:3.38 x 2.12”/86×54 mm,thickness is 0.21mm
  • Color:Black,Surface is smooth, not frosted
  • Engraving effect: The effect of laser engraving of business cards is white or close to white, the engraved logo will not be removed, suitable for making VIP cards or gift metal cards
  • Application: suitable for making VIP cards, nameplates, gift metal cards, house numbers, label tags, metal signs, nameplate plaques, car VIN plates, ID metal plates, serial number labels, school cards, etc.

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Unlike other blank metal business cards, Jolbndcv blank cards come with damage-resistant material. You can use it for gift cards or name cards as well. Its robust build will let you stay stress-free for years to come.

Key Tech Specifications:








86 x 54 x 0.21 mm


100 PCS


9.6 ounces


Cricut Engraving


0.21 mm

Customization Potential

Laser Engraving, DIY Customization


Scuff-Resistant, Damage-Free


Business Cards, Gifts, Professional Use

Impressive Looks: 

Make your business stand out with these metal cards. They’re made from strong aluminum and have a fancy design that you won’t forget.

Strong Aluminum: 

These cards are tough because they’re made from strong aluminum. They’re slim but still strong, making them perfect for your work connections.

Get Creative: 

These cards are great for DIY fun. You can use tools like Cricut to make them your own, giving each card a special touch that shows off your brand.

Entrepreneurs Love Them: 

If you’re an entrepreneur, these metal cards are perfect. They look cool and professional, helping you stand out in business.

What We Like:

  • Stylish Impressions
  • Creative Personalization
  • Lightweight Portability
  • Professional Networking Tool
  • Durable & Damage-Resistant

What We Don’t Like:

  • Thin Profile
  • Minimal Anodized Finish
ABBECIAO 0.04″ Thick Blank Aluminum Business Cards Anodized Metal Plaque Plate Blanks for Laser Engraving 86 * 54mm 15 Pack Black
  • 1. Bussiness Card Material: Anodized aluminum will not rust, water-proof. The edge is also anodized with color. The laser-engraved logo will not be removed and is easy to clean.
  • 2. Aluminum Plaque Plate Size:3.4X2.1 Inch / 86*54*1mm, much thicker than the market, not easy to bend. Similar in size to a credit card.
  • 3. Widely Use Card Blanks: DIY laser engraving business cards, credit cards, gift cards, shopping cards, etc, it’s a creative gift for your family and friends.
  • 4. Aluminum Plaque Plate: Rounded corners and smooth edges do not hurt your hands.
  • 5. Package: 15 Pack blank aluminum business cards, each card is individually wrapped.

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If you’re on the search for blank metal business cards that are easy to clean, and wash out old designs, then this is the best choice for you. In this ABBECIAO 0.04″ blank business card, you can quickly print designs through Laser Engraving, and easily redesign, or modify it.

Key Tech Specifications:




Aluminum, Metal



Sheet Count


Product Dimensions

3.39″L x 2.13″W (86 x 54mm)


0.04″ (Approximately 18ga)

Suitable Uses

Engraving, Laser Engraving, Stamping, Metal Plaques


Individually Wrapped


Wallet-Sized, RFID Friendly

Colors Available

Black, Gold, Red


Branding, Gifts, Nameplates, Desk Tags

Premium Anodized Aluminum:

Crafted from premium anodized aluminum, these 0.04″ thick cards offer a durable canvas for your unique engravings, ensuring a distinctive and lasting impression.

Sleek & Sturdy Design:

Boasting a sleek design and 0.04″ thickness, these cards are not only visually appealing but also robust, resisting bending and ensuring a comfortable grip.

Dual-Sided Brilliance:

With a dual-sided color and anodized edge, these cards radiate elegance from every angle. Individually wrapped to maintain their shine, they are ready to impress.

Versatile Personalization:

Elevate your brand or create personalized gifts with ease. The durable aluminum is perfect for engravings, laser engravings, and stamps, making each card a unique masterpiece.

What We Like:

  • Distinctive Impressions
  • Sturdy and Bend-Resistant
  • Dual-Sided Elegance
  • Versatile Customization
  • Individually Wrapped

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not Suitable for Sublimation

Choosing Your Metal Business Card: A Simple Guide

Selecting a metal business card is like picking the right outfit for a special occasion. Each option offers its own charm, catering to different tastes and branding needs. Here’s a quick rundown to help you decide:

Elegance and Impact: 

If you want to impress, go for the gold-plated card. It’s perfect for luxury brands, high-end services, and exclusivity.

Modern and Durable: 

Stainless steel or aluminum is your choice for a contemporary look that can handle wear and tear. Ideal for professionals in various fields.

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