Kartra Discount: Save Up to 25%

Are you interested in Kartra’s software? With so many great features, it only makes sense.

But, what is better than Kartra?

Getting all those great features at a great price!

It’s likely that you’ve already done some Kartra research and want to get started with a quality Kartra discount.

The good news? 

Katra currently offers a 25% discount to help make your buying decision easier. 

Here’s another excellent offer I can help with:

Give yourself a full 14 days to experience the power of Kartra before making the final decision to use this platform as your main marketing engine. 

The investment is only $1 to get your 14-day trial access

How To Get Your 25% Kartra Discount

You don’t need any special coupons to access the discount. 

Simply take up Kartra on one of their annual plans and the discount is yours. 

Let’s break this down:

Kartra comes in four different tiers: 

  1. Starter 
  2. Silver 
  3. Gold 
  4. Platinum

Each of these plans has a monthly and annual pricing option. For example: 

  1. Starter: $99/month or $79/month when billed annually (25% discount)
  2. Silver: $199/month or $149/month when billed annually (25% discount)
  3. Gold: $299/month or $229/month when billed annually (25% discount)
  4. Platinum: $499/month or $379/month when billed annually (25% discount)

You know the pricing and discount breakdowns. Let’s now break down what Kartra is all about so that you can finalize your decision-making process. 

What Is Kartra?

It’s an all-in-one marketing platform that comes with some of the following features:

  • Kartra Checkouts: Use easy-to-build checkout forms to accept Paypal and credit card payments. 
  • Kartra Leads: Build out your subscriber and customer lists and organize them via custom tags and groups. 
  • Kartra Funnels & Campaigns: Convert your site visitors into subscribers, your subscribers into clients and your clients into repeat buyers using the proper funnel flow. 
  • Kartra Pages: Includes hundreds of beautiful templates inside the drag & drop page builder. Each page comes optimized for mobile visitors. 
  • Kartra Memberships: A drag & drop membership builder that helps you deliver all your courses, content and training options inside a professional-looking membership area. 
  • Kartra Mail: Engage with your audience by communicating via automated or live SMS/email marketing campaigns. 
  • Kartra Forms: Create professional lead capture forms and use powerful automation and tagging rules to segment your list correctly. 
  • Kartra Calendars: Use one integrated dashboard to organize each 1:1 prospect and customer phone call you schedule. 
  • Kartra Videos: Video features include the ability to insert your offers into video content, create multi-video playlists or insert lead capture forms. 
  • Kartra Helpdesks: No need to use a separate service to handle your live chat and support tickets. 
  • Kartra Affiliates: Recruit affiliates to sell your products for you and use this feature to keep track of everything, from payment milestones to affiliate commission payouts. 
  • Kartra Agency: Manage all customer accounts inside one console if you’re servicing online business needs for others. 
  • Kartra Marketplace: Find funnels others have created for easy implementation or even sell your own services and/or marketing funnels. 
  • Integrations & API: Use the Karta API if you’re code-savvy and want to build out your own custom add-ons. 

What Do These Kartra Features Mean For Your Business?

I understand that Kartra alternatives exist and so I want to help you understand what “all-in-one” truly means for your day-to-day business operations. 

Prior to Kartra, online business owners needed to coddle several different pieces of software together. 

The challenge is that most of this software doesn’t integrate well together. 

For example, it’s hard to keep track of the following software types:

  • Email service provider
  • Calendar
  • Landing page creator
  • Video creators
  • Membership software
  • Tagging systems

It’s really nice to have the ability to log into one concentrated dashboard portal like Kartra and see your subscriber or customer database, create new landing pages, build out sales funnels and create videos. 

Instead of logging into multiple consoles and trying to marry them together, your focus can be on actually building your business. 

Also, consider the amount of time it takes to re-learn how to get around your landing page software, email service provider, membership software program or YouTube account every time one of them decides to change their layouts. 

Frustrating, right? 

Avoid all that by taking advantage of the Kartra discount and learn one simple system that houses your entire online business. 

How to get started with your Kartra discount

Here’s How To Get Started With Your Kartra Discount

There’s no need to become confused by which Kartra pricing plan to get started with. 

Either the Starter or Silver package is typically the best way to get things kicked off for most businesses. 

Remember that you can always choose to upgrade to a larger plan inside your Kartra account once your business grows into that need. 

Here are the basic features of the Starter and Silver plans:

Starter Package:

  • 2,500 leads
  • 1 custom domain
  • 15,000 monthly email sends
  • Create up to 100 pages
  • Sell up to 20 products
  • Host up to 50 videos
  • Includes 50GB of bandwidth per month
  • Two membership sites included
  • One Helpdesk portal
  • Ability to add one team member

Silver Package:

  • 12,500 leads
  • 3 custom domains
  • Unlimited monthly email sends
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Host unlimited videos
  • Includes unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited sites included
  • Unlimited Helpdesk portals
  • Ability to add unlimited number of team members
  • Kartra Agency becomes available 

Use the number of subscribers already on your list as the starting point for whether you need the Starter or Silver plan. 

Do you have less than 1000 leads? You could start with the Starter package and upgrade to the Silver plan after you get closer to 2,500 leads. 

Do you have 2,000 or more leads currently? Choose the Silver plan and get started on a plan to hit that 12,500 lead goal before worrying about the Gold (allows for 25,000 leads) or Platinum (allows for 50,000 leads) packages. 

Of course, if you need more than one domain or are already selling more than two memberships, or more than 20 products, then the choice is simple: Start with the Silver plan and get the annual package in order to lock in your 25% discount. 

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