When it comes to email marketing software, you have lots of options to choose from.  And you probably don’t want to buy a bunch of software so you can find out what works best for you.

So what is your solution?

You can use an email marketing software free trial to see if the software is right for you.

This will give you the ability to try out the software for a few days or weeks.  Then you can get a better feel for the software.  You can test out a few email campaigns and see how the software performs.

Then you know you are making an educated decision about the software you choose.

So, where can you find some free trials?

Today, I will discuss 2 email marketing software that have free trials.  Because your needs may be different, you can test out both software to find out which works best for you.

Also, if you are doing email marketing and you are looking for a way to create great landing pages to capture more leads, make sure you check out this software.

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Email Marketing Software Free Trial You Can Start Today

The 2 email marketing software we will discuss today are:

  • Aweber
  • Drip

Both of these software have free trials so you can test them out before you buy.


Best Automated Email Marketing Software When You Are Getting Started

(Photo from Aweber)

Aweber is a great software because you can create great email newsletters for your existing customers or potential customers.

You can send automatic emails to your customers to…

  • inform
  • share experiences
  • build relationships
  • provide special promotional offers
  • and more

It really just comes down to you and your creativity.

You can send emails automatically or you can send a broadcast message to your customers anytime you want.

This software is a great partner to LeadPages.  They integrate easily and work well together.

When you pair them, you have the complete system.  Then you can capture leads with a nice landing page, and you can send automated emails and newsletters to build relationships.

Start capturing email subscribers  with Aweber now.


Best Automated Email Marketing Software When You Are Getting Started

(Photo from Drip)

This software is similar to Aweber.  You may not need both, but you can still try out both and then decide which you prefer.  This software allows you to automate your emails to customers.

It is a lightweight software that allows you to change your email messages to customers based on different actions they take.  It allows you to customize the customer experience to help you create a better experience and more sales.

This software also integrates easily with LeadPages.

Create automated emails based on customer actions with Drip.

Now you know of 2 great options for an email marketing software free trial that you use to test out the software before you buy.  Then you can put the software through it’s paces to see if it is the best solution for you.

Today, we covered…

  • Aweber
  • Drip

Since both of these software are similar, you can test drive them both and then decide what works for you.  You could also test out LeadPages for free and create complete systems with Aweber or Drip.

So, I guess in the end, you know about 3 software you could take for a spin before you purchase.

All that is left is for you to choose the software you want to try and start creating email marketing campaigns today!