What Do You Think About When you Dream About Becoming a Millionaire

We all love to think about dreaming big, large mansions, sprawling properties, yachts, weekly parties, or luxurious vehicles lining your driveway.

Well, that’s the picture many of us see in the media and we all know that the media loves to sensationalize life for better ratings, don’t we? 

But the funny truth is most millionaires don’t live that sort of life

In fact, Warren Buffet lives in an Omaha, Nebraska home that he bought back in the 1950s for only $31,000. And even though he bought a beach house in CA in the early 1970s for $150,000 (that he sold in 2018 for about $7 million), he never went into the extravagant mansion-buying frenzy that you might expect.

I’ve always been interested in learning and following the millionaire habits, which helped people expand wealth over time.

The fascinating thing about the habits of the millionaires is that you and I can each live our lives the same way as we work toward our own wealth-building journey.

Here are some millionaire habits to consider installing into your life.

“Thinking” Is a Millionaire Habit

That might sound strange at first. 

Merely thinking is a millionaire habit? 

It has more to do with brainstorming ideas and keeping themselves open to what’s possible. 

Nowadays, we all allow their busy days to keep them living on “autopilot mode” and never turn off the noise of social media or Netflix-type apps long enough to sit and think about how to improve our lives.

Millionaires do the opposite. 

If we want to achieve more, we have to think out of the box; at least we can learn this idea from a millionaire’s life.

They plan at least 30 minutes per day to sit alone and ask themselves questions, such as:

  • How are my investments doing?
  • Do I exercise often enough?
  • Is my business keeping me fulfilled?
  • What else can we do to produce a better product and earn more revenue?

They think about all the areas of their lives, including family, business, health, charity and finances.

Millionaires Read Many Books

Rich people don’t ask to be entertained. Instead, they actively seek new knowledge through the power of books. 

Millionaire researchers like Thomas C. Corley and Thomas J. Stanley have discovered that rich people like to read the following types of books:

  • History
  • Personal development
  • Biographies of successful people

All of us should follow their lead and aim to read as many books as we possibly can.

Rich People Often Volunteer

Volunteering is a millionaire habit that might surprise you. 

Millionaires recognize that volunteering helps other people and at the same time, puts them in contact with other like-minded and successful people who help them inside trade groups, charitable organizations and civic groups. 

Millionaires Actively Dream

This is more a process of planning for the future, but millionaires use these sessions to visualize in a dream-setting manner. 

They “see” into the future and visualize themselves accomplishing their dreams. 

Many of them also take these dreams and write them down physically on paper in order to solidify their dreaming sessions.

Millionaires Get Plenty Of Rest & Wake Up Early

Rich people understand how much sleep helps with keeping their bodies strong and their memory intact. 

They plan their lives in a way that allows them to get at least seven or more hours of sleep each night. 

Along with the proper sleep habits, rising early is a common millionaire habit. 

Successful people understand that more distractions enter the day the longer the day goes on. These distractions include dealing with family issues, appointments, traffic and meetings. 

In order to get quality work done, many millionaires rise early and work on high-level activities before the interruptions begin. 

They also know that allowing disruptions to keep you from getting your most important tasks done each day creates a long-term belief that there’s never enough time to make your dreams come true. 

If you happen to suffer in this area, then trying this one success habit alone might help you start achieving more in your life.

They Spend Time With Other Successful People

Many of us had our mom say when we were young, “Stop hanging out with those kids. They’re trouble!”

Mom had a millionaire habit going there whether she knew it or not. 

Millionaires understand that their ability to do great things goes hand-in-hand with who they spend time with. 

They seek out other successful people so they can interact with them, pick their brains and learn more about business and life success. Wealthy people make it a point to spend time with people with positive mindsets, who are goal oriented and who have an enthusiastic spirit about life in general. 

Millionaires Know The Value Of Exercise

Wealthy people make it a habit to move their bodies and get the blood pumping. 

They mainly use cardio exercises, including:

  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jogging

Millionaires understand the power of using exercise for the brain, as well as the body. 

Cardio work is good for developing brain cells, due to the glucose (brain fuel) that’s produced during exercise activities.

Generating Multiple Income Sources Is a Millionaire Habit

Self-made millionaires, especially, don’t rely on only one income source to develop and further their wealth. 

They focus on building out diversity in this area and many of them end up with at least three different sources of income and/or revenue. These typically include:

  • Businesses
  • Stock market investments
  • Real estate investments

Wealthy People Avoid The “Herd” Mentality

Millionaires consciously avoid following the herd. 

They have no problem avoiding one of the most common success inhibitors: falling prey to the human desire to fit in, blend in and be a part of the crowd. 

Too many people don’t want to “rock the boat”, so to speak, and this fear keeps them from reaching their desired success. 

Rich people, on the other hand, work hard to separate from the herd’s trends, create their own trends, and then encourage others to join in.

Millionaires Take Advantage Of Mentorship

We all know that it’s better to learn about and avoid mistakes that people who came before us have made.

Successful people know the value of finding mentors who can guide them into a faster track toward accumulating wealth. 

They also turn that around and mentor others as a way to give back. 

I hope you’ve learned a few millionaire habits that resonate with you and start putting them into use in your own life. 

As you can tell, none of these habits are hard to do. They simply require your desire to put them into practice and to stay faithful to them.

Ending Note

It’s not what you earn, but how much you keep after the game is over. It’s about your mental attitude and emotional stability in all situations; it’s about resilience in pursuit of a goal.”

Reading books, volunteering and making extra expertise habits millionaires have incorporated into their lives can be applied to anyone who wants to succeed financially or otherwise.

One of the best ways for you too could become a millionaire is by learning from those that are already doing it!

Start by incorporating these six insights from this post into your life today!

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