Traffic Secrets Review

Russell Brunson has been hard at work to bring you another book. This time the book is about traffic and how to get your product or service in front of the right people.

In the Traffic Secrets review, we will explain more about the free book so you can decide if it is right for you.

If you have the greatest product, is that enough to be successful?

Customers need to know your product exists and you must clearly explain why your product is right for them…and better than the rest.

Once you have your product or service, then you need to showcase it in front of the right audience.

But how do you find the right audience?

That’s when a book like Traffic Secrets becomes important.

Traffic Secrets

  • Underground playbook
  • How to get the right traffic online
  • 20+ Virtually unknown secrets
  • Cost: Free + Shipping

What Is The Traffic Secrets Book?

Traffic Secrets is a book written by Russell Brunson, who is the creator of the sales funnel software called ClickFunnels.

The purpose of the book is to reveal twenty traffic sources that will help you drive more targeted visitors into your own sales funnel.

Ask yourself this: What would you do if Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all disappeared on the same day?

Of course, this is highly unlikely. However, shouldn’t you work to diversify your traffic sources so that your business continues to operate well even if one or two of those sources dried up suddenly?

It isn’t too far-fetched to think about this when you consider that some people have lost their YouTube account or Facebook paid ad account after being told that they broke a Terms of Service rule.

The book itself was inspired by an online course called Traffic Secrets that has been in existence for a long time…

In the video below, you can learn one of the secrets inside the book.

If this book appeals to you, make sure you grab a free copy. You just have to cover shipping.

Who Created The Traffic Secrets Course?

Russell Brunson is the author of the Traffic Secrets book. John Reese created the original course. Reese is well-known in online marketing circles for generating $1 million in online sales in one day back in 2004.

That sales record was the result of Reese selling the Traffic Secrets course as a membership site. Russell Brunson saw what Reese did on that day and started following his methods.

At one point, Russell decided to buy the full rights to the course from Reese. He then offered the course as one of the ClickFunnels offers.

Now, he’s turned that information into a book.

Making This Information Accessible To Everyone

Russell has made this important marketing information available to anyone who wants to access it.

In the past, the only way to get it was to pay about $1,000 to access the course. The book offer is now a “free + shipping” offer.

Why You Should Listen To Brunson

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It’s important to understand the author of the book so you can make a quality decision about buying and reading it.

He has previously written top-selling books called:

Those books have helped thousands of business owners improve their marketing results over the past few years.

Brunson uses the traffic sources exposed in the book to operate his own business. For example:

  • His main company website generates more than one million visitors per month
  • The DotCom Secrets book funnel gets more than 5,000 visitors per day
  • The Expert Secrets book funnel generates more than 25,000 visitors per week
  • Brunson runs a webinar funnel that received almost 100,000 visitors per month for over one year

Imagine how your business results would be transformed if you generated only a fraction of these results?

The teacher is here and willing to educate you on how to make it a reality. All you need to do is pick up the free book, read it and start implementing a few of the 20 secrets included in it.

Will Your Business Benefit From These Traffic Sources?

You might wonder if there is a limit on which type of business this information works for. You will be able to use these traffic sources if you’re a:

  • Local business
  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Network marketer
  • Blogger
  • Info product seller
  • Freelancer
  • Agency owner
  • Affiliate marketer
  • E-commerce business
  • B2B owner
  • Nonprofit
  • Person starting a new business

As you can see, the traffic sources that Russell is teaching inside the book work for any business type imaginable.

What You’ll Learn Inside The Traffic Secrets Book

Traffic Secrets Review: Free Book from Russell Brunson
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One of the main ideas in the book is that it’s important to first identify who your Dream Customer is. From there, you work to uncover how to find and attract that Dream Customer inside any traffic platform you’re using.

For example, it’s one thing to use social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

It’s another thing entirely to extract only your best customers from those platforms and attract dozens or hundreds of monthly sales for your business.

You’ve most likely tried to get these major platforms to work for your business and are feeling frustrated that you aren’t seeing the results that Brunson is getting for his business.

The book will show you how to use these platforms far more effectively.

How To Get Your Dream Customer’s Attention

It goes beyond simply finding out where your best customers are hiding. You’ll also learn how to get inside the conversation going on in their minds so you understand how to communicate your marketing message to them.

The book shows you how to slice through all the marketing noise and get your target customer to stop what they’re doing, listen to you and take action on your sales offer.

You’ll discover that there are two main methods for getting in front of your best customers and marketing to them over and over for free. Brunson also shows you how to insulate your business from any Google or social media algorithm changes that often devastate businesses and their sales volume.

There is what Brunson calls an “invisible funnel” that most marketers don’t know about. It’s inside this funnel where over 80% of all sales come from. If you’re not currently using it, then this means you’re only making 20% of all the possible sales you could be making.

Generate The Traffic Of Your Dreams

Once you’ve learned how to identify and communicate with your Dream Customers, you’re going to learn next how to flow as many of those people into your sales funnel as you can handle.

One way Brunson shows you how to do this is to ethically siphon customers from other marketer’s platforms straight into yours. Another traffic secret that you’ll discover helps you use Google so that you never have to chase down prospects ever again.

Here are additional ways the book shows you how to fill your funnel:

  • How to create content that your audience uses for the rest of their lives
  • A way to make sure your views rise continuously each day
  • Employ a method Brunson calls your own “Tonight Show” so you can repurpose your content easily across all social media channels
  • Gain complete traffic consistency…no more worrying about whether your traffic will stay sustained
  • How to get in front of new traffic trends before other marketers know about them
  • Use a daily strategy that gets new social media contacts following your business

Learn How To Use Growth Hacking For Traffic

The next major area the Traffic Secrets book will teach you is how to use growth hacking. For example, you’ll find out about a simple PR strategy where a certain type of landing page is used to get PR agencies excited to tell their audiences about your company and products.

Here are more growth hacking strategies taught in the book:

  • How to get an army of affiliates investing their own money in paid ads to promote your sales funnel and products for you
  • A strategy that Brunson says is the true secret behind each of the Shark Tank experts: A way to get inside other marketer’s distribution channels and their audiences
  • How to scale your company using the same strategies used by tech companies that grow exponentially
  • Seven funnel phases that convert cold traffic subscribers into hot buyers who become convinced they need your product before you have the chance to even tell them about it

The Biggest Reason To Buy Traffic Secrets

It’s true that many people sell information about traffic generation. The challenge is that most of them teach strategies and tactics that work for a certain time period.

Google changes its algorithm constantly. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube change their rules all the time.

For example, it’s possible to have a successful Facebook ad campaign running along and then all of a sudden your ad account gets shut down. Or, your SEO strategies might get your website bringing in a ton of organic traffic and then suddenly a Google algorithm change drops traffic by 50%.

The point is that you need to learn traffic generation principles, not tactics.

In his book, Russell Brunson teaches principles that you’ll be able to use for years to come on any social media platform that comes next. You’ll discover how to generate traffic that keeps rolling in leads and sales while other marketers complain about the next algorithm change.

You have access to this incredible information for the price of shipping. The book is free. Order it today, read it, take notes and implement the strategies contained within it.

Lastly, celebrate when you keep hitting your own company traffic, leads and sales records.