The Future of Reading: Advantages of Listening to Books

Reading more was one of my resolutions for this year, but I found it difficult to sit down and read a book. 

Even though I try, I can only read around 10 to 15 pages of a book per day, and I truly wanted to be examining its material much more quickly. 

The portability of Audible is, in my opinion, one of its main advantages. Every day in the morning, I typically do yoga for 30 minutes. So, I now listen to my audiobook for those 230 minutes, and I sneak in an extra reading without even realizing it.

This means that I can spend this hour of the day learning a lot from my self-help book. Additionally, you can download the audiobook from the app to read it while you’re offline or without a signal, which is great if you’re going for walks or in the vehicle.

It is also great if you do not have access to any Wi-Fi or signal. The majority of these audiobooks are available at a lesser cost when you join, which is the second major perk.

All of these things contribute to making Audible an excellent alternative for reading physical books.

What is Audible?

Audible is one of the most popular audiobook subscription services today with over 470,000 titles. They create unique content that cannot be found anywhere else. 

They not only have book-length Audible exclusive material, but they also have shorter monthly Audible Originals, podcasts, sleep tracks, and meditation classes. 

They provide Daily Deals and unique bundles with unrestricted access to a variety of extra titles. 

It’s a simple and easy-to-use app. Audible requires members to join up using their Amazon account and download the Audible app, which is compatible with a wide range of devices. 

These devices include tablets, cell phones, laptops, Alexa, and systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. If you do not already have an Amazon account, you will need to create one to be able to use Audible.

How Does Audible Work?

It can be difficult to understand what Audible is and how it works when you first check out this audiobook service. Even though it is one of Amazon’s numerous book-related services that readers adore.

You can choose from a variety of subscription packages, and with each, you’ll get access to a huge selection of audiobooks from the Audible Plus library. 

You might also get one or two Audible credits, which you can use to get low-cost audiobooks, depending on your plan.

  • Audible Premium Plus 1 credit per month: contains the Audible Plus catalog as well as one credit per month.
  • Monthly Audible Premium Plus 2 Credit: contains the Audible Plus collection plus two credits per month.
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual – 12 Credits: features the Audible Plus Catalog as well as quick access to 12 credits.
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual – 24 Credits: features the Audible Plus Catalog as well as quick access to 24 credits.

The Future of Reading

Listening to books rather than reading them is better for you if you learn best visually. But even the usage of a visual learning approach has been ingrained in modern society, thanks to the accessibility of paperback books.

The necessity for traditional books is waning as alternate learning strategies that rely on listening become more widely available.

Students who learned largely through auditory means can now continue using that method of learning without having to develop a preference for visuals over auditory ones.

This is also the reason why, in the future, there will be a rise in the proportion of people who identify as auditory learners.

So, this is where Audible comes in; it is simple to use and can even be utilized while doing other things. It is also easier to remember information when it is heard rather than read. As a result, with audiobook apps like Audible, the future of reading is shifting.

The Advantages of Listening to Books

Let us go through the several advantages of listening to audiobooks.

Audiobooks Can Help You Improve

Audiobooks are available in a variety of genres to accommodate any hobby or interest. One possible application for audiobooks is language learning. Listeners can also enhance their listening and retention abilities by listening to the narration.

An advantage of reading aloud – or listening to someone read aloud – is that listeners can expand their vocabulary; words that you might not know how to pronounce if you were reading the text

Emotions are Emphasized in Audiobooks

The emphasis on emotions is one of the most significant advantages of listening to books rather than reading them.

This argument may appear fake and lame to those who prefer traditional novels. After all, don’t write words have expressions? Don’t they convey feelings just as exactly, if not more so, than spoken or read words?

Yes, they do! However, the students learning Spanish may not be able to comprehend irony and sarcasm in that language.

Audiobooks Give Joy to the Listener

Learning new things is enjoyable in and of itself. It doesn’t matter if you learn from audiobooks, internet browsing, movies, or physical books. What counts is the internal sense of fulfillment and progress you experience from learning.

Although, due to the additional visual and auditory stimuli, watching videos or listening to audiobooks can occasionally provide greater joy and fulfillment than reading books.

Students Learn at their own Pace with Audiobooks

Students occasionally fall short of acquiring the necessary information during the designated grade or semester. It might be a result of the flu they had during the weeks of peak performance. Or it might be a result of our headaches from excessive screen usage.

Or they can occasionally feel that getting to and from college takes more time out of their day than we intended. 

In such situations, audiobooks can prove to be very helpful.

Why Choose Audible?

There are many reasons to why you should choose Audible. These are some of them.

A Variety of Free Audiobooks

A unique feature of Audible is that they provide its subscribers with a changing selection of free audiobooks. 

You can therefore download any or all of the audiobooks on the free list provided you are enrolled in an Audible membership plan or have a free 30-day Audible trial.

Daily Deal on Audiobooks

The Daily Deal is another excellent aspect of the Audible subscription service. So, Amazon offers a different audiobook for a deal each day with this option, which is available to Audible Premium Plus subscribers. 

This is an amazing value because books can be purchased for as little as $2.95.

Various Devices to Listen To

Additionally, you may listen to your audiobook on several devices with Audible, and it will continue where you left off when you do. 

You can thus listen on your computer, and if you later decide to listen on your phone, it will continue where you left off when listening on your computer.

Membership Can Be Paused

A function that lets you temporarily halt your membership is also provided by Audible in case you realize that you have too many credits piling up and not enough time to use them.

You may choose to put your account on pause for 1-3 months and all subscription levels are permitted to do so once every 12 months.

Why should you choose Audible over any other App like Scribd?

The main distinctions between Audible and Scribd are that with Audible, you get better audio quality, the biggest selection, and permanent ownership of audiobooks. 

With Scribd, you may access textual content and pay a flat monthly charge to listen, but there is a far narrower selection of books available that you will never be able to purchase.

  • Audiobook Ownership: You own the books with Audible; with Scribd, you simply have access to the library on a rental basis.
  • Lifetime Access: After your Audible subscription expires, the books remain your own.
  • Library Size: Audible has more than 200K books, but Scribd does not explicitly state how many titles it has. As estimated, it has fewer than 40K titles.
  • Audiobooks in a month: While Scribd advertises limitless listening, access is throttled and limited if you listen to more than 4 audiobooks in a month
  • Audio Quality: When compared to Scribd’s 32 kbps, Audible’s 64 kbps audio quality is noticeably superior.

I believe that the audible app is a great method to listen to your favorite books without having to read them. I don’t have to manually switch between my devices all the time, which makes the multiple-device option quite useful and practical. 

In light of the app’s usability, it is very rewarding and quite affordable.



If you enjoy listening to audiobooks and want to receive free books, Audible is a great service. In comparison to other apps of this type, it is also superior in terms of features and usability. 

Therefore, if you enjoy listening rather than reading, we strongly suggest that you sign up for an Audible subscription.

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