Have you read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book or are you thinking about reading it? In this review, I will discuss my thoughts on this book and whether it is worth your time to read it.

Are you ready to start making changes?

Are you ready to start making a difference in your life and others?

It all starts with education.

Education is the new currency. 

You are educated on various subjects in school and college but not really on business or finances. 

You are told to save your money and live below your means.  I’m not against saving money but living below your means is seldom fun.  It may be a necessary sacrifice in some situations, but it is not the only solution.

And this book offers some insight on that.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review
Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book by Robert Kiyosaki, a famous businessman who has also written books with Donald Trump.  This book is touted as the #1 Best-Selling person finance book.

I think his book is good because it shows you the difference in how wealthy people think compared to middle and lower class people. 

It’s not about judging one class or holding another class in high regard. Everyone has value, but not everyone is wealthy.

It really opens your eyes about things that you may so easily do and it makes you question your previous teachings.

When you begin to look deeper into the lessons you hold closest, you may observe that you learned some things wrong. 

And you may have been living your life based on a truth that may need to be reexamined.  You have to look at that information and figure out how you learned it.  If someone else taught you, where they qualified to teach it?

By asking yourself the tougher questions, it can open you up to receive new information and possibly change the way you view things.

If you plan on being successful in life, it’s not just about making money.  It’s about being educated and knowing how to make and hold on to that money. 

For instance, think about how much money you lose each year from taxes. You may be wondering…what do you mean? I get money back for taxes.

That may be true, but most people overpay in taxes during the year and that is why they get money back. That’s giving away a tax free loan that you could have invested over the year.

Do you just accept that each year or is there something you can do about it? 

Below is a link to my book list so you can find out yourself.

You can get a copy of the book now from my list of books for entrepreneurs.

I recommend you read this book if you haven’t already. Regardless of what anyone says in a review, it is best to explore the information yourself and make your determination about whether the advice is worth following or not.

Personally, I like to revisit this book from time to time because I always feel like I find new advice every time I read it. Maybe I heard it before and just forgot. Or maybe I wasn’t at a point in my life where the lesson made sense or applied to me.

Also, while you’re reading or when you finish reading this book, you can go to The Rich Dad website.  Here you can sign up for free and it will give you access to play his Cashflow game. 

You may think it’s a kid’s game but you’ll be surprised how much you can learn. 

Plus, you’ll be able to test what you learned from the book. 

I enjoyed the interactive version of the game better than the classic version. I remember years ago, I would play whenever I found time. And of course, whenever I got cocky, I would crash and burn.

If you are looking for advice for the current state of the economy, Market Watch shared Robert Kiyosaki’s recent advice: “Don’t save your money!”

In this case, it’s not so cut and dry. He’s talking about the government giving everyone free money. But he doesn’t mean…don’t save it and spend it. He means…don’t save it, invest it.

His advice often catches you off guard, but there is usually more to it.

Enjoy!  I hope you found this Rich Dad Poor Dad review helpful.  If you haven’t read the book, I recommend you do.

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