Funding for small businesses, startup and existing businesses

Do you have a great idea for a business?  Do you have an existing business that you are ready to take to the next level?  Whether you are just getting started or ready to expand your operations, funding for small businesses is always important.  It’s just not always easy to access the funding you need when you need it.

Reality check

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of expecting the best when it comes to funding for small businesses.  You may assume you have the best idea since sliced bread.  You may assume that you can present your idea to a lender and they will be super excited about your idea.  The lender will be so excited, they will give you the best interest rate possible.  Sorry, but it does not work that way in real life.  If you go looking for business funding with those thoughts, you will quickly get a reality check.  And you will continue to get reality checks as you move from lender to lender.

Get positioned for funding success

I’m not trying to crush anyone’s dreams.  That is never my intention.  But, when you want to get funding for small businesses, you have to think realistically.  You must first ensure you are in the best financial position possible to warrant business funding.  Lenders don’t want to lend you money if they think they won’t get it back plus interest.  If lenders did that, they would all go out of business.  Or they would be seeking business funding.

Funding for startup businesses

How do you set yourself up for success with business funding?  In most cases, lenders will look at your credit.  So, you want to ensure you have taken care of your credit and have a good credit score.  The higher the credit score, the better for you.  Make sure you check your credit.  If it is a good score, say 650+, then you are in good shape.  If it is below 650, you will have difficulty finding good funding options.  I wrote an article recently that explores this in greater detail.  It discusses how to get free credit reports and what to do if you have bad credit.

Funding for existing businesses

If you are an existing business, you have more options.  Sure, you still want to make sure your credit score is good so you have more options.  You have been in business longer so lenders can see that you are serious about your business.  You may have steady income from your business to show you are a secure investment.  By having any or all of these qualities on your side, you may find that you are in good shape to get business funding when you need it.

Still not sure if you are eligible for funding for small businesses?

Visit this website and enter your contact information for a free consultation.  You can see what business funding solutions are available to get you up to $250,000.  And you can find out what is the best solution to meet your needs.  If you do not qualify, you will at least have a game plan for what you need to do to improve your situation.

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Now, you know some ways to increase your chances of getting funding for small businesses.  Set your self up and your business in the best financial situation possible.  This will make getting funding a lot easier.