Entrepreneurship is an exciting adventure into the unknown.  Because this is the case, only a few, brave people venture into entrepreneurship.  If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or are an entrepreneur, I already like you.

Even if I don’t know anything about you, I know that you are daring, determined, focused, and you have a goal to be successful.

Does that sound about right?

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, there is a lot you must learn.  You may turn to taking college courses, online training courses, reading blogs, attending webinars, and watching videos to learn more.

Or you may prefer to grab a nice book that you can read.

When it comes to books, you may be wondering…

What are the best books to read about entrepreneurship?

There are a lot of books to choose from.

Today, we will discuss…

  • The best books to read
  • How do you choose what books to read

So, let’s begin!

The Best Books To Read On Entrepreneurship

Because every person is different and your goals may be different, it is difficult to say beyond a doubt what are the best books to read about entrepreneurship.

But here is what I can do.

I can share with you the list of books I have read.

Originally, my list began as just a simple list of books that I had read that I found helpful.  Because they were helpful for me, I figured they would be helpful for others.

Makes sense, right?

Then one day I realized that there may be some entrepreneurs that may have already read all the books on my list.

So what should I do about that?

Well, then I upgraded my list of books.

Rather than limiting my list to only the books I have read, I also added books that I plan to read in the future.  By doing this, my book list stretched to 50+ books.

And I believe I now have a strong list of the best books to read about entrepreneurship.

Check out my book list here!

How do you choose a book to start?

For some, the amount of books on my list may seem overwhelming, especially if you are just getting started.  You may wonder where should you begin.

Well, the list is broken up into groups.  So, you may want to start with the first group of books.  These books are mostly about foundational knowledge for you to build upon.

If you have already read those books, then you can continue through the list until you find books that resonate with you.

And if for some reason, you cannot find a book that resonates with you, then you may just want to grab any book and begin reading it.

That may sound odd, but action should stimulate the brain.  You shouldn’t spend a lot of your time worrying about what book to start with.  You should take action and read something.

You never know.

That book you choose on a whim may provide some great information, tips, or solutions to propel your business ahead.  And it may excite you and spark you to read more.

Check out my book list here!

Today, we covered…

  • The best books to read
  • How do you choose what books to read

You should now have some good ideas for books to read.  You know about my list of books for entrepreneurship.  You can bookmark my list so you can come back and read it in the future.

The only thing left is for you to check out my list of books.   Then choose what book(s) you want to read next.  Then make sure you apply the lessons you learn from the books.

Keep learning to keep earning!