Have you heard about the 30 Days Summit created by Russell Brunson? Want to know if it’s right for you?

If you haven’t heard about the amazing question Russell asked that led to this virtual summit, you must keep reading to find out.

Today, we will do a 30 Days Summit review to help you decide if this virtual summit is worth signing up for.

30 Days Summit

  • Virtual Summit
  • From Russell Brunson
  • Starting from scratch series
  • 30 Speakers provide their 30-day strategies
  • Cost: Free

What is the 30 Days Summit?

The 30 Days Summit is a free virtual summit provided by Russell Brunson, who is the creator of ClickFunnels.

It’s the result of an interesting premise: What would you do if you suddenly lost everything and you needed to build all of your income back up in only 30 days?

Russell Brunson asked 30 of the most successful ClickFunnels marketers how they would respond in this situation. These people are in Russell’s Two Comma club, which means they have created million dollar online businesses by using ClickFunnels.

In order to make this an even more challenging proposition, Russell wanted to know what these successful business people would do if they had:

  • No email list
  • No product
  • No sales funnel
  • No traffic
  • No reputation

30 Days Summit Is The Result

Picture Credit: 30days.com

Something amazing happened when started getting the responses back from Two Comma Club members.

They provided detailed marketing plans for what to do on Day 1, then Day 2, then Day 3, etc. Thirty of these detailed marketing plans from these highly-successful marketers are now available at 30days.com.

Not only that, but each marketer provided a detailed interview to help explain the reason for their plan and the context through which you should think through it when putting it into action.

Brunson could have decided to charge a hefty price for access to these interviews and marketing plans.

Instead, he decided to give all of it away for free.

This amazing free summit was born!

Quick Recap Of What You’ll Get With This Summit

  • 30 written business plans to follow inside your business
  • 30 interviews that detail out the plans and reveal more context about how to implement them
  • Cost: Free
30 Days Summit
Picture Credit: 30days.com

The 30 millionaire marketers you’ll learn from are (in alphabetical order):

  • Akbar Sheikh – Ethical Persuasion Principles
  • Alison Prince – Ecommerce
  • Anissa Holmes – Dentistry Practice
  • Caitlin Pyle – Info Products
  • Dana Derricks – Non-Broke Entrepreneurs
  • Dan Henry – Facebook Ads
  • David Asarnow – Funnel Marketing Agency
  • Dean Holland – Online Marketing
  • Ed Osburn – Health Professionals
  • Garrett White – Coaching
  • Jaime Cross – Skincare
  • James Friel – Entrepreneur
  • Jeremy McGilvrey – Instagram
  • John Lee Dumas – Podcasting
  • Joe McCall – Real Estate
  • Julie Stoian – Online Marketing
  • Liz Benny – Life Transformation
  • Myron Golden – Personal Development
  • Natalie Hodson – Fitness
  • Pat Rigsby – Fitness
  • Peng Joon – Online Marketing
  • Rachel Pedersen – Digital Marketing
  • Raoul Plickat – Sales
  • Rhonda Swan – Personal Branding
  • Rob Kosberg – Publishing and Media
  • Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Marketing
  • Stephen Larsen – MLM
  • Stacey Martino – Relationships
  • Trey Lewellen – Physical Products
  • Tyler Shaule – Children’s Camp

Who Is It For?

As you can see from the list of experts above, using the Internet marketing methods taught inside this free marketing summit apply to almost any type of business imaginable.

You should visit 30days.com and gain access to this information if you’re anyone involved with marketing a business online.

It applies if you’re in network marketing or affiliate marketing. You’ll gain all the needed marketing knowledge if you own a local business and are frustrated with an inability to gain a leg up on your competition.

Are you a business, relationship, life or marketing coach? Do you own an e-commerce store? Are you trying to become the next social media influencer in your niche?

It simply doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running or thinking about starting. The 30 Days Summit will open up a new world of marketing tactics for you to follow and become more successful with.

There Is a Time Limit

Keep in mind that you’ll have access to these 30 marketing plans for 72 hours. The purpose of the time limit is to make sure you value the information.

Have you ever noticed that all of us place more value on things we pay for? It’s simply human nature to grab free information and then allow it to sit on the shelf.

You won’t have the chance to let these marketing plans sit and gather Internet dust. Instead, you need to schedule out some time to digest them, take notes and put them into use.

Going Beyond The 30 Days Summit

It’s one thing to get these amazing marketing plans and interviews. It’s another thing entirely to implement them inside your own business.

You’ll have an opportunity to get coached by the ClickFunnels funnel experts after you accept your Mission and join the Summit. This comes in the form of something called the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The One Funnel Away Challenge attaches hands-on coaching from three marketing funnel experts:

  • Russell Brunson
  • Julie Stoian
  • Stephen Larsen

This Challenge takes the Summit marketing plans/interviews and turns them into a 30-day program so that you get daily coaching and motivation to ensure that you’re operating a profitable marketing funnel one month from now.

It also provides you:

  • The 30 marketing plans on an MP3 player
  • A physical One Funnel Away Challenge workbook
  • A physical 30 Days Hardcover Book
  • Unlimited Access to the 30 Days interviews

The Challenge gives you daily tasks that result in a completed marketing funnel. The workbook corresponds with each daily task by providing checklists, space for notes and journaling ideas and links to extra training or resources.

The interesting thing about using the One Funnel Away Challenge with your 30 Days Summit marketing plans is that you now have unlimited access to all the information. Plus, you have three funnel experts taking you by the hand and coaching you into success.

When you first began reading, you were probably wondering if the 30 Day Summit was right for you. Now that you have completed this article, I hope you have a better understanding of what the virtual summit offers.

With this new information, you should be better informed to decide if it’s right for you.