What Is Entrepreneurship?

The day begins the same.  We all wake up.  We all have the full day ahead of us.  And we all have 24 hours to make the most out of it.

Yet, most people choose to be employees while only a few choose entrepreneurship.

There are many reasons why you may want to be an entrepreneur or an employee. Everyone is different and you have to choose the path that works best for you.

Today, I will discuss what entrepreneurship means.

What entrepreneurship means: Freedom

First, I believe entrepreneurship means freedom.  It is freedom from the typical structure of having a job.  It is freedom from answering to a boss and having someone watching over you.  While most people are stuck in traffic in the morning, you may sleep in and avoid  the traffic.  You may have freedom over your schedule and time with a work from home business.  You know when you are most creative and productive so you may focus on those times of the day.

Entrepreneurs vary so some may enjoy that freedom while others may have a lot of structure to their day.  You may begin working as early (if not earlier) than someone that has a traditional job.  You may put in more hours for your business and you may prefer it that way. And on other days, you may take a break or time off.  But, it’s all up to you.

Entrepreneurship could mean time freedom, and financial freedom.

What entrepreneurship means: Multi-talented

Entrepreneurs generally have to juggle multiple roles in their business.  If you are the only employee for your business, you may find you are responsible for customer acquisition, customer retention, bookkeeping, administrative, as well as running the business.  It does not mean you will be great at every role you try.  Some roles you may love  and others you may hate.  Still, as an entrepreneur, you will usually be multi-talented because you will need to be.

What entrepreneurship means: Responsibility

As an entrepreneur, responsibility falls completely on you.  You are responsible for the success and unfortunately, the failure of your business.  Because of this, you are very connected to your business and its well-being.  Your business is like your child.  You want to care for it and ensure it grows up big, strong, and successful.

What entrepreneurship means: Struggle

Being an entrepreneur, you will surely face some struggle as you navigate the business world.  There is a lot to learn in business.  Most is learned through experience.  You can also learn from business mentors to lessen the learning curve.  Still in business, you will undoubtedly face struggles.  Some days you may wonder why you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur.  And some days, you will marvel at what you have accomplished.

What entrepreneurship means: Success

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy.  It is not a walk in the park.  Any entrepreneur can understand that.  There are many things that could go wrong.  But there are also many things that can go right.  Through all the ups and downs of owning a business, you want to achieve success.  No matter where you are starting at, your end goal is to achieve success in your business.  And once you are there, all the pains, struggle, and sacrifice disappear.  They don’t matter anymore because you made it to success.

Becoming an entrepreneur

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur or just getting started, you should read some of the best entrepreneurship books, including the books below.  They can help you get started in business or with growing your business.  You can also find more helpful information on my recommended reading list and resources page.

Here are some books you should read…

This concludes my take on what entrepreneurship means to you.  Write a comment and share your thoughts.  Read some of the books I recommended and check out my resources.  These will all help you along your entrepreneur journey.