Tesla Model 3 Thoughts After The Huge Unveiling

Team Tesla!  Are you Team Tesla?  So, Elon Musk and the team at Tesla unveiled the new Model 3 recently.  Did you see it?  Did you reserve one?  Here are my Tesla Model 3 thoughts after the unveiling.

I think it is exciting.  If you don’t know by now, I love technology and I get excited when there is a chance to move forward with technology.  You can see my excitement and predictions before the Tesla new model 3 was unveiled.

Tesla Model 3 Thoughts

I think Tesla’s Model 3 is like the iPod (except a lot more expensive) was when it was first released.  I think almost everyone will want one.  And the 325,000 preorders show there is significant demand because the Tesla Model 3 is not being really advertised.  It is spreading by news and word of mouth.

So, to be absolutely honest, when the iPod first came out, I did not get one.  Why?  I guess I did not see the value in it.  I decided to get a Creative Nomad MP3 player instead.  It could hold twice the music and was about 1/3 of the price of the iPod.

Tesla Model 3 thoughts

I thought I made the best decision.  I didn’t realize otherwise until I went to visit a friend that had an iPod.  I showed him my Nomad player and he said…”what the heck is that?” lol

Compared to his iPod, it looked like a brick.  Yes, it held more music but it was also bigger and bulky.  Running with it was like I was running with a portable cassette player (if you remember that).  Basically, it wasn’t convenient and it wasn’t the best product.  The headphone jack messed up in less than a year and I had to get it repaired.  So in the end, I probably spent the same amount on the Nomad MP3 player as I would have spent on an iPod.  But I got a bulkier, less impressive product.  Actually, I ended up spending more because I still bought an iPod later on.

Since then, I learned my lesson and I have been Team Apple ever since.

So, don’t be like me with the iPod, get what you truly want instead of trying to save money and get something that you really don’t want.  Go with the best product and figure out how you can afford it.  You will be happier that way.

This is exciting because Tesla previously built the Model S (sedan) and Model X (SUV) but everyone could not afford them since they are priced at roughly $70,000.  The are exciting vehicles with Insane mode and the Model X has falcon wing rear doors.

Well, the Model 3 is the first affordable car they have released putting an attractive electric car within reach of the masses.  There are other affordable electric cars but they generally lack in the attractive department (sorry, but it’s true).  Now, you can get a Tesla starting at $35,000 and with the tax incentives, it can end up being less than $30K.  This is an all electric car.  You would never have to pay for gas again.  It has an autopilot feature so it can drive itself.  Scary for some and some people just love that idea.

The transfer of money

So, on to something else I thought was exciting about the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3…the transfer of money!

Tesla only unveiled the car…it’s not available until late 2017…you read that correctly…2017!  Yet, about 150,000 (some sources say 115,000) people reserved the car within 24 hours, each paying $1,000 to reserve the car.  So, let’s multiply 150,000 X 1,000.  Move the zeroes from the 2nd number to the 1st number and you have $150,000,000.  Assuming I’m not messing up the math, that is $150 Million that just went to Tesla in 24 hours.  And since then, the number of preorders has doubled.  I imagine they will continue to grow as more people learn about the Tesla Model 3.  I need to talk to Elon Musk and learn how to do that.

I can understand why so many people are early adopters for the Tesla Model 3.  It is an exciting and affordable electric car.  It is a car for the masses.  And once everyone hears about it, even more people will want one.  So, it is best to reserve and get yours as soon as possible.

So, this concludes my Tesla Model 3 thoughts.  I hope you found this information helpful in informing you about Tesla Model 3 and helping you decide if it is right for you and your family.