Have you been considering gold as an investment? Investing in gold is a wise decision.  You don’t need to invest all of your money in gold but it is a good idea to include gold in your investment portfolio.  Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still invest in gold.

Are you interested in Karatbars International?

Could it be the best way to invest in gold?

We will review this company to help you decide if it is the best fit for you as an investment or business.

Today, we will discuss…

  • What is Karatbars?
  • What does it provide?
  • The importance of owning gold (Free training series)
  • How to join & get started
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is Karatbars?

Karatbars is a company located in Stuttgart, Germany, founded by Harald Seiz in 2011.

Karatbars founder Harald Seiz

This company provides 999.9 pure gold bullion, as well as gold merchandising, collector’s items and gift cards.

You can visit the main website here.

Customer treatment

Here is a statement about how the company treats its customers…

“Our clients range from individuals and families to consumers and traders. We value every client of Karatbars and align our company to better serve our clients’ needs. Our client base is supported by the efforts of our affiliate partners around the world.

The trust of our clients is of utmost importance to us. We place ourselves in our customers’ shoes. We pride ourselves on acting swiftly with open communication and offer fair solutions whenever these are required. We strive to consistently provide the highest level of professional customer service.

Our customers should expect to be treated with respect, and that any concerns will be handled competently, quickly and fairly.” (Karatbars.com)


I’m sure you are interested in the products provided.  The products allow you to buy physical gold bullion online in the form of gold bars by the gram, coins, and more. They include:

  • Classic Card (Karatbar) – available in 1 gram, 2.5 grams, and 5 grams
  • Coins – available with brass outer ring, silver inner ring, and 1 gram gold middle
  • Country specific cards
  • World of Charity cards
  • Various special cards (3-D, anniversary, holidays, weddings, gifts, etc)
  • CASHGOLD – gold embedded paper currency, allows flexibility with smaller gold weights
  • Sport collector cards
  • And more.

What does it provide?

The company provides a simple and cost effective way to invest in gold. You can buy the best quality 999.9% gold bullion in 1 gram, 2.5 grams, and 5 grams.  They typically come for sale in the form of a Karatbar.

Here are some of the best reasons to invest in gold.

Top reasons to buy gold:
1. Gold offers protection against inflation and currency reform.
2. Gold bars are global cash.
3. Gold in a time of crisis is a stable investment.
4. Gold is and will remain unimpaired, as limited resources which are not reproducible.
5. Global demand for gold is higher than its supply.
6. The purchase and sale of investment gold is exempt from VAT.

Business partner and affiliate program

You can buy and invest in gold.  If you want to share this information with others so they can do the same, it could be a good idea to become a Karatbars business partner or affiliate.  This way you can earn money simply by sharing information and helping others buy gold bars and coins online.

How to make money with Karatbars

Some people choose Karatbars because they want to simply invest in gold. Others may want to make money. And some people may choose both.

If you are interested in making money with Karatbars, then you can do so by sharing the company with other people as an affiliate.

Now, if you are new to marketing or specifically affiliate marketing, I recommend you start with a training program that will give you the basics. Then you can take what you learn from that training program and apply it to marketing Karatbars.

Some programs that could help you with marketing include:

  • ClickFunnels – Create sales funnels. Learn more here.
  • Kartra – Create sales funnels, membership sites, and a complete business. Learn more here.
  • LeadPages – Create great landing pages for your products and services and more. Learn more here.
  • ClickBank University – Learn how to create and promote your own product or other people’s products. Learn more here.

You can find even more helpful marketing resources on our resources page.

Of the list above, the top 3 are products that could help you in marketing. The last one is actually training to help you market.

So this is what I would do if I were starting over.

First, I recommend you choose one of the products. These products also provide a wealth of training and resources. Some allow you to join their communities so you can connect and network with other people with your same interests and goals.

If you are not sure which product to choose, you can check out my article where I compare LeadPages vs ClickFunnels vs Kartra for a better understanding of what each product does.

Next, I would go through ClickBank University where you can learn how to create and market your own product or other people’s products. Though the focus is on ClickBank products, you can use the lessons to apply to Karatbars and other products.

Sure, you may need to invest some money upfront, but the products, lessons, and resources you gain should more than make up for it.

So if you want to make money with Karatbars, that is what I recommend.

These are serious ideas for serious people. But please do you own due diligence and make your own decision.

The importance of owning gold

It is good to learn more about buying gold bullion online and the importance of owning gold.  You can signup for the free video training series on the importance of owning gold.  This training will provide a deeper understanding about gold and show you how anyone could buy gold.

How to own gold

You could start going through the course today.

With this video training course, you…

  • Get free video training on the importance of gold
  • Learn why you should buy gold
  • Hear what the experts think
  • Learn how anyone can buy gold online
  • Plus, get a free ebook (The Millionaire’s Habit)

So get started today to learn more and get the free ebook.

Start your FREE video training series on owning gold now

Now that you know about the free video training series, let’s look at how to get started investing.

How to sign up & get started with Karatbars

To get started today, you can watch this YouTube video to learn more.

After you have watched the YouTube video or you are just ready to join and get started, you can simply visit this site to sign up and create your free account.

In the bottom right corner of the main page, you will see the option to “Register Now”. Simply select that to join and begin your registration.

Karatbars registration

Once you click there, you will have see 2 options:

  • Become an affiliate
  • Become a customer
Become a Karatbars affiliate or customer

If you would like to share Karatbars with others, then you could choose to become an affiliate.  When you join the affiliate program, you can still be a customer to buy gold as well as an affiliate.  This will give you the opportunity to make money simply by sharing information with others.

If you would prefer to only be a customer, then you can choose to become a customer.  This option will allow you to buy and invest in gold bars, coins, and more.

I recommend choosing the gold bullion affiliate program option because you have the flexibility to be an affiliate, customer, or both.  You can sign up to be an affiliate for free. 

If you want more earning power, then there are higher paid affiliate levels available. Whether you will be an active affiliate is up to you, but at least you will have the option when you join as an affiliate.

Once you choose either to become an affiliate or customer, you will just need to enter your information to sign up and complete your registration.

That is the simple process to create an account and begin investing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Karatbars International legit?

Based on my research and experience, I believe this company is safe and legit. It has been around for a while (since 2011) and most companies do not last long if they are not taking care of their customers. You can do your own due diligence, but you can join Karatbars for free and check it out for yourself.

Where is Karatbars located?

The company headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Can you make money with Karatbars?

Yes, it is possible to make money with Karatbars when you become an affiliate. Above, we discussed information about how to become an affiliate and tips for making money.

How much does it cost to join?

You can actually join for free as a customer or an affiliate. You can join additional paid levels if you are interested in starting a business.

Is Karatbars a good investment?

Your investment portfolio should include some gold. This company makes it easy for anyone to own gold in small denominations.

Is Karatbars real gold?

You can buy gold bullion bars in 1, 2.5, and 5 grams. The gold is 999.9% gold bullion.

In summary, now you know more about Karatbars International and how to invest in gold with the company.

Today, we covered…

  • What is Karatbars?
  • What does it provide?
  • The importance of owning gold (Free training series)
  • How to join & get started
  • Frequently Asked Questions

We have explained Karatbars International.  You know what the company provides. It may be the best way to buy gold bars in 1,2.5, and 5 grams, coins, and more. You learned about the free training series on the importance of owning gold and how to get started with registration.