How to own gold and the importance of owning gold

Who owns most of the gold in the world?  Do you think it is the wealthy or the poor and middle class?  Why do you think the wealthy own gold?  Do they know something that you don’t?  If the wealthy own gold, why would everyone else not want to know how to own gold?  The truth is many people don’t think about owning gold or they think they cannot afford to own gold.  Buying gold online is so simple and more affordable that many people realize.

When you know how to own gold, you will also learn there are many benefits to owning gold such as…

  • Diversification – Just like a wise investor diversifies in the stock market, it is wise to diversify in your investment vehicles.  Spread your investments around.  You may diversify by investing in stocks, real estate, and gold.
  • Hedge against inflation – Unlike paper currency, there is a limited supply of gold.  Because of the limited supply, gold’s purchasing power is fairly stable.  You can see this when you notice one dollar cannot buy the same thing it could 50 years ago.
  • Wealth protection – As I mentioned, the dollar fluctuates in price and is an unstable currency.  If you only invest in dollars, you could be building your investment foundation on an unstable currency.  How secure would that make you feel?  To protect your wealth, you should also invest in a stable currency like gold.

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How to own gold

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