Feeling stuck in business? (Tips and resources)

There are many reasons why someone may be stuck in their business.  Because people and businesses are different, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what the problem is.  But when you are feeling stuck in business, you don’t have to stay that way.  Here are a few tips you can try, and I will also include a few resources that could be helpful as well.

Information overload

For business owners that are new and just starting, the biggest roadblock is information overload.  Because you are so excited to get started, you just want to learn everything about business all at once and it can be a lot to take in.  From creating a business entity to understanding taxes, not to mention wearing multiple hats inside the business as well.  This can quickly become overwhelming.  It’s like trying to drink from a fire hose.  And when you are overwhelmed, the easiest thing to do is…nothing.

When information overload happens, you just have to step back for a moment.  Then decide what is truly important to focus on.  Then focus on it.  Figure what is the next step you need to take to move towards that direction.  Then the next step and the next step.  Now, you have more of a solid and focused plan for moving forward.  Then make sure you follow it.

Lack of motivation

For existing business owners, you may have an issue of lack of motivation.  Perhaps, you have been grinding at your business for a while but haven’t seen the booming results you hoped for.  And now, you are feeling stuck in business.  You may be closer to breaking through than you realize.  If you lose your motivation and turn away from your business, you will never know if you were there or not.  To stay motivated, it is a good idea to seek mentorship.  You can now access really great mentors online.

Need business funding

You could be feeling stuck in business because you need business funding to start or grow your business.  You are not sure where to get business funding or you have already tried and been rejected by banks.  When it comes to business funding, you want to make sure you are in the best financial position to qualify for funding.  You should know your credit score and make sure it is good.  You can do this with free credit reports, free credit check, and credit repair prior to applying for business funding.  This can put you in the best situation for moving forward in your business.

As I mentioned before, people and businesses are different reasons why you could be feeling stuck in business.  But most problems are not completely unique.  Many people have started businesses and experienced whatever you are going through.  This is one reason why I constantly read to gain wisdom and insight into business and problems that I have faced, currently face, or may face in the future.  Make sure you check out my recommended reading list for entrepreneurs.  You may just find a book or two that can help you in your business.  Visit it often because different books may be helpful at different stages of your business.

Lastly, you can look through my long list of business resources.  As you go through this list, you may get some ideas or find tools that will help your business grow.

Now, you have some great tips and tools to help you with your business.  Make sure you bookmark this page so you can revisit it anytime you are feeling stuck in business.  Some tips and tools may apply to you now while others may apply later in your business.