Determination to succeed: I know how to fail, I don’t know how to quit

When it comes to starting and building a business, success is not guaranteed.  That is not to dampen your spirits.  It’s just reality.  Though you may have huge dreams, you still must be aware of reality.  You can improve your chances of success by following steps created by people that have already achieved success.  You can find and work with mentors.  But it still comes down to your determination to succeed and the actions you take.

Determination to succeed

When it comes to starting an online business, there are benefits over a brick and mortar business.  You don’t have to pay for a physical location and you can be in business quickly, possibly in one day.  Still, an online business is a business.  With that comes the responsibility to follow through.  Sure, you are a business owner but you are also everything else that may be needed to run your business.  It is your responsibility to take customers through the entire customer life cycle from reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty.

You may already know I like Tesla and I plan to own a Tesla one day.  It’s not just because of the cost of a Tesla car, but because I believe it is the future of automobiles.   With the Tesla new Model 3, Tesla has a chance to reach the mass market.  Yes, I do like exciting and futuristic cars, but…

That is not why I have a determination to succeed.  Expensive cars and mansions are great, but you must have something larger to fuel your determination to succeed.  You need something that gets deeper into your core, your heart, your soul.  For many people, that can be their family and friends.  It can be the desire to help as many people as possible.  It can be a desire to prove your worth.  It can be a desire to change the world.   What fuels your desire to succeed?

And what avenue will you take to get there?

If you are interested in starting an online business, there are a few options.  You can attend online business workshops in a city near you.  There you can learn the foundation knowledge for creating an online business.  If there are no workshops near you, you could get a copy of the new book Limitless by Matt Lloyd.  If you are not familiar with Matt Lloyd, he created a 21 Step system for creating top tier income.  If you decide to create a website for your online business, make sure you use the best website hosting for small business.  This will ensure your website is up when it matters most and you won’t lose customers.

Once you decide to be successful, you must commit to it.  Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals.  Especially, not fears and doubts.  Those are some of the biggest culprits for killing dreams.   Everyone has them but you have to get past them to achieve success.  Success lives on the other side of fear and doubt.  Entrepreneur mentoring programs can help you overcome issues the limit or hold you back from success.

You should know if the determination to succeed is within you.  But that doesn’t make your path any easier.  You still need to channel that determination into consistent action.  If you can do that, you will be on your way to success.