Creative careers for introverts that you probably overlooked

Are you interested in creative careers for introverts?  Well, I have some that you probably overlooked.  But before we jump into them, let me tell you a little about why I think you overlooked them.

Creative careers for introverts

Introverts typically shy from the limelight.  This is the main reason why I think you overlooked these ideas.  Even though, introverts shy away from the center stage, the career choices for introverts don’t always follow the same path.  There are still quite a few famous introverts such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Warren Buffet, and even Bill Gates.

So, if these people are successful introverts, what is stopping you?

That basically means anything is possible and you could probably do whatever you want.  I understand some things may be outside of your comfort zone, but that doesn’t stop the creative mind of introverts.

And with the Internet, a lot more things are possible.

Let’s look at some options that you may have not considered.  Keep in mind, none of these options require you to work for someone else.  That may bother you a little but I will explain how you can lessen the burden on your introverted self.  ; )

Start an online business

You could start your own online business.  You would be the boss and work for yourself.  You can be as creative as you like.  Plus, you can leverage the power of the Internet.  A business model you could use is My Top Tier Business.  This is a simple system that shows you how to earn top commissions of $1,250, $3,300, or $5,500 from a single customer.

Your introverted spidey senses may be going off as you think, I don’t want to deal with customers.  This is what makes My Top Tier Business so interesting.  The system includes a telephone team to handle the calling and follow up with your customers for you.  That’s right.  You don’t have to make any calls because the team does it for you.

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You can also free grab a copy of the book explaining how 10 ordinary people created extraordinary income in their spare time.  Some of the people are introverts as well.

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Become a real estate investor

Maybe you still aren’t interested in starting your own business, here is the second of the creative careers for introverts.  You could become a real estate investor owning buy and hold properties.  I bet your spidey senses are really tingling now.  You are thinking about everything involved with buying real estate, the costs, and being a landlord.  All of this sounds like something you want no part of.  But this is not the old days of real estate investing.  Now, you can basically outsource real estate investing and allow others to do the heavy lifting…and be the landlord.

You can partner with a team of real estate professionals.  They do the heavy lifting of finding, fixing, financing, leasing, and managing the properties for you.  You can sit back and just be an investor.  You can be more active if you want because you are still in ultimate control.  This can make real estate investing a lot more simple.

You may also wonder if you have the funds to invest in real estate.  Don’t even worry about that right now because you can get a free game plan.  With the free game plan, the company can look at your current situation and let you know if and how they can help you.  This is a no obligation free game plan.  You can listen to their evaluation and decide what’s best for you.

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Now, you know of two creative careers for introverts.  The exciting thing is these are probably two careers for introverts you had not considered.  And if you did consider them, you probably ruled them out.  Now, you have two very strong options that could allow you freedom over your time and wealth.

It’s just up to you to take action.  If one of those ideas resonates with you, go for it and take action today and start making the introverted life you always wanted without compromise.