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Here you can find information on investments including real estate investments, stock investment, and gold investment.

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With investments, there are various options and a lot of information to learn.  Some of the major investment choices include real estate, stocks, and gold.

The U.S. dollar is no longer based on the gold standard, but gold is still a popular investment vehicle to hedge against inflation.  When the dollar is unstable, investors turn to gold for it’s stability.  You can learn more about this in our articles.

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Why I love gold and you should too

I love gold! Every week this year, I have saved money but not the normal way that most people save money (if they save money at all).  Rather than saving all my money in dollars, I have been saving some money in the form of gold...and I love gold!  I'm not afraid to admit it. [...]

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The benefits of owning gold that you need to know right now!

The benefits of owning gold that you need to know right now! If you are interested in or already saving and investing, I would like to share with you some benefits of owning gold.  This is an investment many people overlook.  They may have a savings account and invest in a 401K, IRA, and stocks.  [...]

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Protect your wealth with a superior currency

Everyday, you work very hard for your money so you can provide for yourself and your family.  You want to take care of the people you value most.  This is why you want to protect your wealth with a superior currency. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your own business or an employee of a [...]

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How to save and make money with Gold Savings Account

I have an exciting video for you today.  I'm not going to write a lot today because I know you are busy so I'd rather let you focus on the exciting video below. Just like in the title, you can see this is about how you can save and make money with a Gold Savings [...]

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How to buy gold at affordable prices

In today's turbulent economy, it is important to own gold.  Throughout history, gold has outperformed the dollar over the long term.  The dollar is an unstable currency.  It is also no longer backed by anything.  In the past, the dollar was backed by gold.  This is no longer the case.  The federal reserve can print [...]

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How I made $697.74 while I was sleeping

How to make money while  you sleep Happy Monday to you! Today is a day that we honor Martin Luther King, Jr for his influence as a civil rights leader who is most notably remembered for his "I have a dream" speech which can be seen on my Facebook Fanpage. I am excited to show [...]

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Save money with 1 gram of gold at a time

Save money with 1 gram of gold at a time Most people understand the importance of saving money.  Afterall, you cannot spend everything you earn and then expect to live comfortably in retirement.  Then even if you save more money than you spend, what are you actually saving? Dollars! Paper money! Take a look at [...]

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The Midas Touch: Everything I touch turns to gold

The Midas Touch! Saving money is a good skill.  Mastering the art of saving money is a great skill to learn.  Many people have mastered the art of spending but ignored the lessons on saving.  You need to create somewhat of a balance in your life.  Of course, you want to save more than you [...]

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The most affordable way to buy gold online

  Are you ready to buy gold online? Most people would agree they want to buy gold...but it is not usually affordable for everyone.  Well, today I will show you the most affordable way to buy gold online! How would you feel to be able to buy gold online at affordable prices? How would your [...]

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