This is another way to pay yourself first on any day

Today is Friday so you should know what that means by now.  It’s not just the end of the week.  That’s not why I look forward to it.  It’s the day I reward myself by acquiring gold.  Last week, I acquired 5 grams.  Normally I acquire a gram of gold a week.  Today, I acquired 2.5 grams of gold.  Robert Kiyosaki said you have to “pay yourself first”.

Pay yourself first

This is one way I do that by saving money with gold instead of dollars.

Many people think I am buying gold but gold is a currency just like the dollar.
I’m simply trading one currency for another.  It’s the same as trading a dollar for 4 quarters, except I’m trading an unstable currency for a stable currency.

You can begin owning gold today by watching the videos and creating your free gold savings account.

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Now, you know a way to pay yourself first.  Knowledge without action is useless.  Take action today!