What Is Time Freedom & How Can You Achieve It?

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough time freedom?

Do you ever sit down and think about your day?

You wake up around the same time each day.  You get ready for work.  If you have kids, then you get them ready for school.  You drop your kids off at the daycare or school.  Then you may battle the morning traffic to get to work.

Then once you are at work, your boss controls your schedule and what you focus on.  You may take a couple of breaks during the day.  You go to lunch but you must be back at work so it may be rushed.

Then when you get off work, you may pick up your kids and run some errands.  Then you may help your kids with homework and prepare dinner.

At the end of your day, how much of it did you spend doing the things you want to do?  This is where having time freedom can change everything.

What you value most

What do you value most in your life?

It is most likely your family and friends.

You may also value time freedom where you have more control over your life. You have things that you really enjoy doing…things that fulfill your life.

If you could spend your day however you wanted, how would you spend it?

Most people would choose to spend their time with their family and friends.

You may focus on your job each day because it is a way to provide for you and your family.

But if money was not a concern, how would you spend your day?

You would spend it doing the things that make you happy.  You would spend more time with your family and friends.  You would enjoy their company.  You wouldn’t argue with them about small things because you are stressed from work or stressed about how you will pay the bills.  You would just enjoy the time you spend together.

You would be there for those special moments in their lives.

You may think this all sounds ideal, but is it really possible?

Well, you can take a look at my friend John.  He lives the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle where he has time and financial freedom.  He balances business and his life to achieve time freedom.

That doesn’t mean it was an easy road to get there, but he did get there.   But, now he gets to spend more time with his family.

He doesn’t miss the important moments in his daughter’s life.  He doesn’t worry or stress about a boss or bills.  It is possible to achieve time freedom when you follow the steps he has taken.

Here is one of many awesome quotes from John…

Today I have time, money and location freedom.

My wife doesn’t work.

I work from home or wherever I choose.

Every day I walk my daughter to school. I bring her lunch; I pick her up from school.

My daughter has grown up with both parents in the home. And to her, that’s perfectly normal.

More than money, that’s what’s really important to me. It’s just really, really cool. I mean I am providing her a lifestyle that most people can only dream about.

This is a great example of how to have freedom in life.

Other time freedom resources

There are other resources available to help you achieve time freedom.  You must understand why you truly desire time freedom.  You must understand it deep within your core and then take the necessary actions to achieve it.  If you are ready, here are some other resources that can help you achieve time freedom.

You can get and read those books for free so there is nothing holding you back.  You just have to read them and then apply what you learn.

Now you understand more about time freedom and the value of having more of it.  You also have some resources that can help you achieve freedom over your time.  You just have to use them and apply what you learn to achieve your goal.