Starting a business workshop for creating full time income

Are you thinking about starting a business?  Are you interested in attending a starting a business workshop?  It all begins with a simple idea…it’s the execution that trips up so many entrepreneurs when they want to start a business.  You have the idea(s), but you don’t know the first place to start.  If this sounds like you, then these workshops are for you.

Starting a business workshop

The workshops are FREE 2-Hour Live Events that are being held in cities around the world.  At these events, you learn how to earn life-changing income in your spare time.  It seems we are busier than ever in a world that doesn’t sleep but in order to make a change in our lives, we have to find time to pursue our dreams.  These events show you how you can build a profitable business in your spare time.

Each workshop will have 2 sessions, an afternoon session and an evening session. You just have to find the workshop that’s most convenient to you, and register now. Space is limited. Tickets are given out on a first come, first served basis and are absolutely Free.  So grab your ticket and tell all your friends to get a ticket as well.  Make a change in your life and the lives of others.

This is what you will learn at each starting a business workshop.

What you will learn at the starting a business workshop

  • The revolutionary “system” that has paid out over $5.2 million in commissions to people in 38 countries around the world in just the last year alone
  • How to gain freedom through the power of this System, even if you have no computer skills and have never made a single sale online before
  • How you can make high ticket commissions of $1,250, $3,300, and $5,500 just for bringing in leads
  • Be given the System ABSOLUTELY FREE if you show up

Now, you know about the starting a business workshop.  Don’t miss your chance to attend so you can learn how to start a profitable business in your spare time.  Click here to get your free ticket before they run out.