Do you think you can learn more?  Or do you already know everything?

Is that a trick question?

Of course it is.  You must increase your earnings by increasing your learning.

If you are just beginning your career as an entrepreneur, you probably have a lot to learn.  It may seem overwhelming but it is possible.  You are walking in the footsteps of other entrepreneurs that have taken the journey before you.

Many entrepreneurs believe their situation is unique and no one else has experienced anything similar.  There are a lot of entrepreneurs in the world.  Even if you don’t find one that has the same exact experience, I’m sure there are many that can relate to your journey and your story.

I like to hear why someone has decided to become an entrepreneur.  It’s interesting how many people make this transition because of the same reasons:  financial freedom, time freedom, and management freedom.  They simply want control of their income, time, and freedom.  They want to do what they want when they want.  They want to have these freedoms and still earn a good income.

But if you decide to become an entrepreneur, you must decide to see it all the way through.  Many businesses start each year but many are not profitable until their third year or beyond.  It takes a strong willed entrepreneur to last that long.

This is why you could increase your earnings by increasing your learning.  You may try a strategy for our business and it doesn’t work.  Then try another strategy and so on.  There are so many resources available for entrepreneurs to learn now.  You can learn from training programs, webinars, newsletters, websites, and of course, books.

I prefer a mixture of each but I focus on books.  I prefer audiobooks so I can learn and apply the information quickly.  The most important thing to remember is that you don’t know everything about business and there is always room for growth.  This applies to business and life.

If you follow the gurus in the online business space, you will notice most are willing to invest in themselves and truly enjoy learning.

If you are interested in increasing your earnings by increasing your learning, visit my recommended reading list.  You will find many great books to help you along your journey.

Recommended Reading List