Life-Changing Good Books To Read + 4 Free Books

There are always some good books to read, but there are not that many that could change your life.  You may be thinking…change my life…how?  Well, we all go through life and we all have our ups and downs.  These are books that can help you with motivation, health, wealth, business, and other things you may face in life.  These are good books to read and everyone should make time to read them.

Many people may get caught up the latest craze, but good books stand the test of time.  Some of the books on this list are older but the information may be fresh and new to you.  It may also be relevant to the challenges you face today.  Whether you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, desire professional mentorship, want time freedom, to make more money, or to be more effective…books can help you find answers and guidance.

Good books to read

Here are 7 good books to read.  You can choose one or more and start reading them today.  They can help you with financial management, achieving success, being highly effective in everything you do, and improve your vision for the future.  If you find these books helpful, you can find a huge list of more great books on my recommended reading list.

More good books to read…for free

You can also find more good books to read on my recommended reading list.  Beyond that, if you are interested in starting a business or just want to learn more about starting a business in your spare time, here are a few more free books you can read.

You can feed your hunger for knowledge with the books I’ve introduced you to.  If you have already some of them, then you know their value.  You should read the rest.  If you have not read any of them, choose one that sounds helpful to you.  Read it and see if it is.  If you find it helpful, then read another and another.  Visit this website often for new books to read.  You may want to bookmark this page.  It’s great to read the books, but it is more important that you apply what you learn in your life.