The Ultimate Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 Freebies

As the holiday seasons draw near, we are all excited about sharing those moments with family and friends.  We have the chance to create new and exciting family memories.  Of course, we also add a few inches to our waistlines from devouring the delicious goodness of food selections that only appear on these special holidays.

But the closer we get to the holidays, there is always something else that is equally exciting that is waiting to be unleashed…

It is the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Freebies that you have been secretly waiting for the entire year of 2016.

You just have to through one more holiday…and then…you can unleash your…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 Freebie Goblin!

To understand what the Freebie Goblin is, look at the video below by Iliza Shlesinger.

The Freebie Goblin is similar to the Party Goblin above, but rather than the focus being on partying, the Freebie Goblin only appears for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Freebies each year.

It’s the time of year where you can unleash your Freebie Goblin unto the world, whether in stores or online shopping.  And take advantage for the great freebies and sales that are available for a limited time.

Your Freebie Goblin gets excited when it thinks about all the Black Friday ads and deals that the major retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc) have.

But nothing beats free!

And that is what I have for you!

Dwayne Graves Online Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 Freebies

Over the year, I have given great resources on online marketing tools, recommended reading lists, business resources.

It’s true.  I offer great freebies most of the year, but today, you can find some amazing freebies all in one place and you can take advantage of 1 freebie or all freebies…because there are 15 freebies!

Use these to start and grow your business for the remainder of 2016 and in 2017.

It’s ok.

Let your Freebie Goblin run free…

Black Friday 2016 Freebies and Cyber Monday Freebies

Limitless – This is an exciting new book from an entrepreneur that created a multi-million dollar business in his early 20’s.  Get a free copy today and learn more about how he escaped the rat race.  You just have to pay for shipping.

The Ultimate Online Profit Model – This is a great book where my friend, John Chow, spills the beans about how he makes six-figure monthly income and lives the Dot Com Lifestyle.  Grab your free copy.

Full Time Income in Spare Time – This is an eBook that shows how 10 average people were able to create full time income in their spare time and how it has changed their lives.  See their stories and learn how you could do the same.  Get a free copy now.

Create a Website In 3 Easy Steps – Learn how to create a beautiful website in 3 easy steps without breaking your budget.

30 Days of Business Training – Over 30 days, I am giving some cutting edge business tips to help you start your business right.  Get started now.

Gold Video Training Series – Most financial experts say you should own gold in your investment portfolio.  Learn more about owning gold in this video series and how you can start owning gold today at affordable prices.  Start learning now.

Free Email Marketing TrainingLearn the secrets of email marketing.  Start the training now.

Mentorship – Mentorship is a must in business and life.  No matter you want to achieve in life…health, wealth, love, happiness, etc…mentorship is vital.  Now, you can access mentorship 24/7, kind of like the Netflix of mentorship.  You can access these great mentors 2 ways:

  • Sign up on the website.
  • Download the free app for iPhone and Android.  You can simply click the links using your smartphone to download the iPhone app or Android app.  The apps are free but are invitation only.  You must use this exclusive code when registering: 58553.

Email Newsletter Software – This is the workhorse in the background of your business.  Use lead capture and sales pages for capture email addresses but you need this software to host the email addresses and handle your customer relationship management with automated newsletters and more.  Start a free trial now.

Lightweight Automated Marketing Software – If you like more control over your marketing email campaigns and the ability to change the flow based on customer actions, this could be just what you are searching for.  Get a free account.  Get started now.

What to write in your emailsclick here to get your free course and email templates now

Growing your business with email marketingclick here to get your free guide now

Email List Building Course – Step by step marketing plan – click here for free access now

LeadPages is going all out for Black Friday…

LeadPages is giving away every premium course they created in 2016—all at once—when you purchase (or upgrade) a Pro Annual membership or higher before midnight on Black Friday.

That’s a $2,500 value.

Specifically, they are giving away the…

Interactive Offer 2.0 Course: Clay Collins created this course earlier this year. It shows you how to launch the exact product or service your customers have been desperate to buy. The course includes 6 modules and over 15 hours of content, plus 3 more live coaching calls this year. ($997 value)

Copywriting Virtual Workshop: LeadPages top copywriter, Kat Von Rohr, and the Manager of Marketing Education, Bob Jenkins, created this course last February. In this 2-part workshop, they revealed the fastest shortcuts to create compelling, high-converting copy for your landing pages—in a matter of minutes. ($297 value)

Lead Magnet Virtual Workshop: Exactly what content should you give away to grow your email list? Bob Jenkins has this answer in this 2-part Lead Magnet Virtual Workshop. In this workshop, Bob is revealing the specific types of lead magnets that are working right now to grow lists for the 46,000 Leadpages members. ($297 value)

How to 10x Your Leads on Your Site Training: Most business owners have dozens of places on their sites where they could be growing their lists. In this training, Bob Jenkins and Ryan Kopperud reveal exactly where those hidden opportunities are—so you can 10x the amount of leads coming from your site. ($297 value.)

End of the Year Promotions Virtual Workshop: This is a new, never-before-seen training. In this Virtual Workshop, promotions expert Kat Von Rohr and Bob Jenkins show you how to create (and implement) a quick end-of-the-year promotion to help hit your annual sales goals. ($297 value.)

The Webinar Blueprint That Built Leadpages: At the LeadPages Converted conference this year, CEO Clay Collins revealed the exact webinar formula that catapulted Leadpages to over 46,000 clients in just 3 years. It’s never been revealed outside of the conference—but they are giving it away with Leadpages this week. ($297 value.)

Your Course Action Guide: To help members get started, LeadPages is giving away a “Course Action Guide” to reveal exactly which of these courses you should check out first to get the maximum ROI for your specific business. ($297 value)

Purchase or upgrade to a Pro Annual membership or higher before midnight on Black Friday.


Want to skyrocket your income?  Leverage high paying affiliate programs like MTTB or business training companies like MOBE.

Use great online marketing tools that won’t break your budget like Aweber, LeadPages, and LinkTrackr.  You can boost your leads and sales on a budget with LeadPages pricing.

That is a ton of great resources to start and grow your business…starting today.

Who knows where your business may be by this time next year?

Take advantage of all the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday freebies today and watch your business take off in 2017!